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IT Criminals Exposed

For those who have received a phone call from Microsoft employees claiming that there’s a virus on your computer, only to realise that the entire incident has been a fraudulent attempt at gaining personal details – it’s all been exposed.

No Conversion Tracking? What’s The Point

Why do we use Google AdWords? How can we test and measure results? How do I determine my return on investment? If you’re asking yourself these questions then you clearly haven’t installed conversion tracking.

Microsoft Attempts To Seize Smartphone Market

Microsoft has updated its corporate branding for the first time in twenty five years, signalling a revamp of its entire marketing structure as it gears up for a series of big product launches.

Australian Geo-targeting

One of the biggest challenges for Australian AdWords advertises is narrow geo-targeting. Australia’s Internet infrastructure quality of service is a far cry from the quality of service experienced in the United States. Given that all Google products are developed and based in the United States, it’s important to remember that some features of AdWords may
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Selecting Keywords

Building an effective AdWords campaign relies so heavily on your choice of keywords. When you are selecting your keywords take some advice from Generation Y and… KEEP IT SIMPLE KEEP IT SMART KEEP IT SPECIFIC

Top Tips For Using The Dimensions Tab

The dimensions tab in AdWords lets you slice up your data by the dimension of your choice over your account, campaigns or AdGroups.

Remarketing – Taking a Second Bite of the Pie

We all know that sales is the life blood of any business and today I’m going to reveal a powerful adwords strategy to get more customers spending money with you instead of your competition!

Product Extensions

You may or may not be aware of Google’s ad extensions. But one of the addition’s to the ad extensions family is ‘product extensions’. This allows you too display photos/product images in your pay per click text ad. This feature is perfect for ecommerce stores, where you can display images of your product and even
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Google Analytics & AdWords Conversion Tracking

In online advertising we frequently refer to ‘conversions’. Conversions occur when a click on your Ad directly leads to a valuable interaction on your site. As AdWords professionals, we use conversion coding that can be installed to track purchases, signups, and page views or lead generation.

Click Fraud Won’t Work On Google

Recently we’ve had a number of queries relating to whether competitors can continually click on a client’s advertisement in order to cause their account to exhaust its daily budget. This is called click fraud, a type of Internet crime that occurs exclusively in pay per click advertising.