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LinX App

It’s the Digital Marketing app you’ve been waiting for!

A Revolutionary Solution For Small Businesses! Stay on top of your campaigns with our LinX app! No need to logon to your computer—everything is available via the app! Exclusive to SponsoredLinX, our app provides all your AdWords and Facebook ad performance data—along with push leads—via instant notifications!

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Client Panel

The SponsoredLinX Client Panel is the ultimate online marketing interface, developed exclusively for the use of our clients. View in-depth reporting data on all of your online marketing efforts in one, easy-to-use location. Available on-demand, the dashboard offers you access to real-time data from your AdWords campaigns, SEO keyword statistics, ranking reports, percentages and much more.

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Beat the competition and generate more business with our optimised PPC landing pages.

Use the Convertopages system to help you convert more of your website visitors into leads with our tested and proven layouts.

Our system is designed to help you stay on top of your marketing budget by increasing the amount of leads you are getting from your website traffic.

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Here at SponsoredLinX we have implemented an innovative proprietary software program called E.R.I.C.A (Evaluating Results in Client Accounts) which is a platform that displays client accounts according to performance in a similar way to ‘Kratu’ developed by Google. It was launched in April 2014, and can be used by Client Managers at SponsoredLinX to prioritise tasks and identify problem areas in record time.

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Ad Adviser

AdAdviser determines the performance of an AdWords account by running an algorithm which audits an account in 30 seconds flat. AdAdviser means SponsoredLinX can remove the possibility of human error and set a new benchmark for our industry moving forward. The time saved enables clients to receive efficient information on their account that is accurate, detailed and highlights problem areas.

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