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SponsoredLinX SEO is About More Than Reports

Do you ever feel like your current SEO provider cares more about reports & looking busy rather than delivering results?

At SponsoredLinX our SEO campaigns are results and client focused

What You Can Expect from Our SEO Services

✓ No Locked In Contracts.
We are confident you will be satisfied with our results and our team and want to stick around.

✓ Comprehensive Rank Tracking
Our innovative keyword tracking system is always undergoing development to expand its capabilities and accuracy.

✓  Keyword Analysis Catered To Your Business
We don’t just rank for terms. We rank for PROFITABLE terms. We combine industry research and user intent to ensure we target what you need to grow.

✓ Conversion Optimisation
What good is traffic if it doesn’t convert? In some cases increasing conversion rates makes more of an impact than increasing rankings – but why not both?

✓ Professionally Written Content
We work with our clients to ensure that any content we produce aligns itself with with your existing branding and styling.

✓ Ongoing Campaign Review
We want to be better and stay ahead of the game. Our staff regularly audit each others campaigns to ensure no opportunity to increase YOUR ROI is missed. Your success is our success.

✓ Ongoing Link Building
With monthly link building strategies, our link building team will always be hard at work improving your results.

Our Campaign Focus

More Traffic

Your SEO account manager will work with you to identify the keywords that suit you and through ongoing work help you rank.


More Conversions

We do not draw the line at ranking. Our success is your success so we help identify what can be done to increase conversion rates

Ongoing Review

Sick of just one person looking at your website? We work with one another to ensure that all campaigns are running as effectively as possible

Some of Our Brisbane SEO Clients

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362% More Traffic

322% More Revenue

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AHI are a happy SEO client since 2015. View their site

105% More Traffic

200% More Conversions

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Why Use SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation (SEO).

This is a technique or a combination of techniques that are used to improve the website’s rankings in the search engines. This can be a very effective way to have your website found by potential clients and get more clients through the doors. SEO can be used for all kinds of various sites as well.

We have seen businesses thrive under the new traffic SEO brings. These include local businesses, E-commerce, online service & providers and large corporations. Once you rank a query, you can enjoy the ongoing leads & sales generated by it, whilst we move onto other areas to rank.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a branch of SEO focused on Google maps listings. If you are a local business such as a dentist, chiropractor or mechanic SEO services can help you get into the map’s area of the Search Engines as well as start to rank on page one. Getting your business on page one is important for conversions, people calling. Most people these days do not go past page 1 when searching for a particular search term. This is why it is important that your website is on that page and as high up on that page as possible. This will get you more clicks and the more people that are visiting the website, the better the chances for your phone to ring.

Search engines are the modern day phone directories. Everyone has a phone and everyone searches on their phone for what they are looking for. And, you want to be the company that comes up! Conversion optimisation is about making your website more appealing to a users wants and needs to ensure that when they shop around, you are the final destination.

Getting Convenient Leads:

Did you know that contact forms that allow users to submit photographs usually convert faster and more conveniently. Our strategists have worked with dozens of niches including car detailing, rubbish removal, gardening and more. We know strategies that work across multiple industries.

E-Commerce SEO

SEO will help your store come up in the search engines for certain terms. This will then allow people to find your website and be able to browse and order products. At SponsoredLinX we do extensive research into our product keywords and e-Commerce strategies to ensure that we are selling the products YOU want to sell.

Emergency Services SEO

With over a decade in SEO experience, we have found that emergency services such as electrical, dental or plumbing are less likely to have users shop around. Customers will usually book with the first people that pop up and answer the phone.

We have found plenty of tricks to both encourage (or discourage) after hour enquiries. We even have strategies to retain leads that you may not be able to service there and then.

Success Stories

A History of SEO

SEO is not like it once was in the beginning. It is said that the first website was published in 1991. From there it was like the wild west and websites were popping up all over the place. However, there was little organisation to them.

In the late ’90s a couple of major competitors started to emerge to change the way we found websites for the better, Yahoo and Google. These websites were made to organise the web and help people find what they were looking for.

In the early days of search engines just about anything was OK when it came to ranking a site. Stuffing keywords in white text in white backgrounds was probably one of the lesser spammy tricks done to rank a site. You could even put your keywords over and over again with the same colour as the background so that your visitors didn’t see it but the search engines did.

There were several black hat tactics used that would last for years. However, the search engines saw what was being done to manipulate them and they were going to beat it. They believed that there was an opportunity to be made to improve this service and more people would use your search engine to find websites. This continues today as the algorithms will always continue to change.

Early Years of SEO

In the early days of 2003-2005, it was known that something had to be done about the unethical practices of SEOs and marketers. It was then that Google started to really look at their algorithms. They started to adjust to what the people searching would want to find. The tactics of the very early on started to not work as they once did. This landscape would vastly improve and change rather quickly throughout these early years.

In 2006-2009 the search engines continued improvements by looking at what the user was doing and what they were clicking on. They further improved the results with not just websites but images and video as well. This was the foundation on which they search engines would continue to grow and expand to offer what the search users wanted. This was the market that they were after, happier searchers would mean more ways to monetise.

Search Engines got smarter

2010-2012 was the era of content. This was when the major players were either going to get their websites in compliance or they weren’t. Large brands were forced to tone down their keyword stuffing and start to make valuable content. This along with social media was starting to really make a difference in what was ranking and what was not. During this time Google brought about their own social media platform, Google + which had a significant ranking factor early on.

2019 and Beyond

Today’s search engine factors are what the end-user is really looking for. Your history, location, and device you are using also affect the results. Google is far more sophisticated than in earlier years and is being toted around in many people’s pockets on their phones. This helps Google gather information on where you live, what places you visit and even how fast you drive. All of this information makes Google a powerhouse of knowledge. This helps the engineers understand what people are searching for and doing with the information that they actually find as well.

Little known facts about SEO

SEO seems to be a bit of a mystery to business owners. They know they need it to get qualified leads and clients but they have no idea really what it all entails. Well, there are some little known facts about SEO that you should know about as a business owner that needs to be done in order for your website to start ranking.
You need content. Yes, you probably have heard this, you need a blog. Well, the little known fact here is that most companies really don’t need a blog. However, if you have more keywords than you have landing pages then you might need to consider it. Blogging is great if you like to do it, but it is not something that you have to have. However, you do need content based on the keywords that you are trying to rank. This content should be informative, easy for your visitors to read with lots of great images that go along with the content. After all, you are putting this content out there for your visitors to read, correct? And, with great content, it will tell the search engine bots what your website is about and for. Be careful to not keyword stuff too much with this.

Http vs Https

brand partnerships

Everyone in the SEO world knows this fact, however, business owners don’t. You need to have your website secure. This means you need to have it with https. This is oftentimes free to have, but you may need to pay someone to set it up for you. If you do not have this, many people’s browsers will send out a warning sign that says your site is not secure and thus not safe. Essentially your website is blocked from their browsers and they will never land on your page.
Your page titles do matter a lot. Ensure that you have proper page titles as well as great content to ensure better rankings. On-Page is what SEO’s call everything that you do on your website. This can be mean content, internal linking, page titles, images and more. You need to have proper On-Page in order to rank. This in fact is becoming a larger ranking factor as the search engines progress. This helps them cut down on spammy sites and provide their searchers with proper sites that will be informative and helpful.

Page Speed Matters

Page speed matters. If matters how fast your website loads. This can be determined by many factors, however, oftentimes it is the hosting that causes the delay. You need to be considerate about the size images that you use and the loading speed of your site. The more plugins and other things the slower the site will be. There is a nice balance that you need to get in order to achieve and nice looking website that loads quickly. Visitors are not going to stick around if your site takes several seconds to load. Yes, seconds. We are used to instant in the modern-day world and your site needs to load instantly on a computer as well as a mobile device.

All Premium clients with SponsoredLinX on WordPress get access to Speed Boosting Strategies

What You Can Expect

Unlike other online marketing techniques, SEO can prove to be a slow process. Although our SEO campaigns are result and client-focused, it can take time to see the impact our changes make for your business. This is something all reputable SEO agencies should make clear to their clients.

If you’re wondering why this is such a lengthy method, it’s because of Google’s focus on providing their users with quality content. As the largest search engine available today, there are millions of websites that Googlebots need to analyse to ensure the content is of value to searchers but due to the sheer volume of changes made daily, it can often take up to a fortnight for Google to index your page.

It’s also important for you to recognise how competitive your industry is when it comes to ranking organically. You’ll be up against every piece of content for the keyword you’re targeting and Google needs to trust that you’re the best choice (especially since you’re not paying them to be seen like you would in AdWords).

Luckily for you and your business, we have the best tools, the most experienced staff, as well as the drive and determination to see your business climb the rankings. Once you start moving, you’ll notice a substantial difference in your return on investment and you may even have to consider expanding your business!

Australian SEO Experts

As one of the most competitive fields in digital marketing, it’s imperative that you establish the right techniques when it comes to your SEO campaign. To ensure the best results, the first step lies in knowing what to look for in an SEO company. Given the large number of SEO service providers in Australia, this can often be a major challenge for small to medium business owners.

Our Packages

While cost is often considered the most important aspect of hiring an SEO agency, we believe that ensuring a better ROI for our clients is the main objective.

Included in the cost of our packages is the revision or production of specialised SEO content. Our content team is experienced in writing SEO-friendly text that will be uploaded to your website in a manner that Google will approve.

As part of the initial set up process, we perform a competitor analysis that helps determine where you may be falling short. Based on these results, we will work to implement a strategy unique to you and your business goals.

We also instil a link building strategy that has authoritative and legitimate websites pointing back to your site. This will help establish your brand as an industry leader with value to offer current and potential clients.

Some of our SEO staff are also experienced in the use of social media for growing your online presence. We will help you establish and build profiles on Google+ that can help you reach local, national and international clients depending on your business range. Creating social media pages will also assist in raising your credibility with potential clients.

All of these inclusion and changes are summarised in a fortnightly report and designed to be Google-friendly to ensure the smoothest transitions and best rankings.

Before You Start

We love helping small to medium businesses succeed online, it’s our sole focus! There are, however, a few things to note before you sign up for SEO from any agency, not just our own. Search engine optimisation is an extended process with many rules and regulations that need to be factored in. With Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo constantly updating their formulas for website assessment, it’s important to find an agency that has account managers that will dedicate their time to ensuring your website is adjusted accordingly.

Any marketing company that claims to be able to get your business ranking on the front page of a search engine in a week is simply just going to waste your money on low-quality links, spam content and other tactics we refer to as ‘over-optimisation’ and ‘black hat SEO’.

The problem with these techniques is that Google learns quickly what these strategies look like, and will penalise or ban your website. At SponsoredLinX, we are very careful with guidelines to ensure your online presence is genuine. We know to avoid nonsensical text content such as keyword stuffing, link stuffing from questionable websites and making too many changes too quickly.

While no ‘magic formula’ exists, we know what works and how to move your business higher through the ranks of search engines. Our priority is to assist your business. Your success is our success. We only ask that you bare with us during this process as it can take up to three months to start seeing changes and a more valuable return on investment.

Our Offer

Our job as digital marketing leaders is to understand the nuances of each search engine and what they require in regards to SEO. With algorithms and guidelines consistently being updated, this task takes a highly skilled team of talents to ensure your business starts seeing an improved ROI and higher rankings.

For years we have worked on developing a strategy that is designed to help small to medium businesses across Australia and New Zealand succeed in our digital era. Now, with the best tools, highly qualified staff and access to the most reputable resources, we are confident that we can get your business ranking on the front pages of all three major search engines — guaranteed!

When you’re ready to see more traffic, a higher number of qualified leads and the best conversion rates you have ever seen, contact us and let one of our representatives explain what we can do for you and your business.


How Long does SEO Last

SEO is a process, the longer you work with a good SEO agency the more results you will get. This almost acts like a snowball effect as well. Once your site is doing well for some key terms, this tells us that the search engines that it is trustworthy. This means that as you continue your SEO, the key terms will become easier to get ranking and rankings will happen faster. This only means more sales and leads, which is why SEO is so important and it will certainly pay for itself.

If you happen to stop SEO you will see your website start to slide. And, it will lose its authority and trust. This means that if you decide to start again you will have to start basically all over. This momentum will be lost, which is really helpful and important when you are doing a campaign in SEO.

SEO Long Term

SEO is for the long term. It is used to get your site in front of as many people that you can with better rankings. This allows you to be found easier. As you start to rank for terms your site will start to rank for related terms as well. This will expand the number of keyword phrases that you will begin to rank for and it will cast a larger net. Your authority and trust factors will increase which will make ranking for new terms easier as well. It is similar to a snowball effect where once the momentum is there, it grows rather quickly.

Once you stop SEO you may see results decline almost immediately or over time. It really does depends on what your site, what the competition is doing for SEO and the competitiveness of the industry. However, once stopped the momentum stops as well and you would have to start all over again. It is advised to not look at SEO as an expense but as an investment for sales. Something that all businesses need to continue to dominate in their particular market.

SEO for Better Rankings

SEO is great for any kind of business as well. e-Commerce stores that sell products, obviously need it. But, the local companies that sell services need it as well. Local companies SEO is usually a little easier to achieve that of e-Commerce because you are trying to rank in an area and not an entire country. However, this isn’t always the case. When we look at SEO for a client we will look at the overall picture. What the competition is doing and how much we believe it will take to power up the website and start getting it to rank.
The factors that go into the rankings vary from niche to niche. Every one of them is different. What we try to look at is what are others in your niche doing, because it is clearly working. We compare the content, the amount of content, backlinks that we can see anyway and other factors to ensure that you are covered both on-page and off-page with proper link building. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to SEO it is a process.

Problems SEO Addresses

The biggest problem that SEO address is the lack of clients, customers, and leads. SEO will get your website found by people looking for your service and products. This is key for a successful business is to have happy clients and customers. However, if they cannot find your business then what’s the point. Gone are the days of setting up shop and putting out the largest Yellow Page ad you could afford. Now, everyone looks for just about anything on the internet. It is important that people can find you and your business.
SEO is used to get your website to the top of search engines. This is not a fast process and at times it can be frustrating, however, it is an important process. Most people do not leave page one. In fact, the top 5 spots do get the most traffic, so getting into those spots is important for any business. The more phone calls and appointments made the more possible sales.

Builds Branding

When people think of your service or product you want them to think of you. Branding is old school marketing but it still works. Everyone has their favourite soda or brand of candy bar. These are good examples of branding. This not only works for the golden arches but it works for the small plumbing guy in town. Build your reputation on and off-screen to build your brand. Ask customers to leave reviews and build up your online reputation as well.

SEO doesn’t Require Payment for Every Lead

PPC is great to get started but as the momentum grows and you start getting more and more leads and traffic it can get pretty costly. Typically SEO takes a bit to get started but once you are ranking, you can just increase the keywords and phrases that you are ranking for. This will expand your net and allow you to pull in even more qualified leads. The longer you work with an SEO person, the more and more leads you will get with the larger net of keywords and keyword phrases.

This will build your authority and reputation online as well. People read reviews and look at companies’ reputations, especially if it is in an area that they are hesitant to purchase. Getting reviews is free and you just need to ask your current clients to leave them. Maybe offer an incentive or do a follow-up email with a link to click for a review.

SEO is an Investment

SEO is not a cost but an investment in your company. Remember, this is not a fast race but slow and steady and you will reap the benefits of what you sow. SEO is made to help customers find companies that match their intent. This is important as it is bringing your clients or customers that are seeking what you offer. They read your website, look at your reviews and make a solid decision to call you. This is not a lead from a lead generating company that gives them to several companies. This is a lead that is interested in your services and has found trust in your online presence.

Myths about SEO

Wow, the myths that circulate around SEO are huge. Everyone seems to know what to do to get something ranked, but do they? There are so many blog posts out there about SEO and what to do that it will make your head spin. These blogs are written by so-called “experts” in the SEO world. They seem to use the words “Secret Sauce” and “it depends” for just about everything. And, while it depends on many factors for many things, there is no magic about SEO, in reality, the big names in the business just want to create that sort of mystery.

Because of all the mystery, they have created they can hide behind their SEO shields and claim to be doing “something”. Many business owners have no idea about SEO and that’s why they have hired an “expert” however, be warned that these “experts” are not always as they seem.

Check up on your SEO

Be sure that they are doing something and check for yourself. As business owners, it is your business so you should be keeping tabs on your rankings. Ranking to page number 1 will not always happen in the first month and that shouldn’t be expected. It really depends on what space you are in as to how long it will take. But, you should be seeing movement, even if it is bad movement as the website will bounce around a lot if there has never really been any real SEO done to it.

This is called the Google dance in the industry and we in the industry get pretty excited when it happens. This means that your backlinks and other SEO matters are being found! This is an exciting time and means that you are on your way to ranking on page one. This process is done by the search engines and there is no real formula, as the SEO expert does not own the search engines but makes educated guesses on what will work. SEO is not fast and will certainly take time. The biggest factor in SEO is you need to have patience! Our SEO experts are trained to always think 3 months ahead so we can scatter our strategies across your site as a whole.

You need Patience with SEO

Patience is sometimes very hard in our day and age. Most want immediate results and they want it now. However, if you have a new website you will need a lot of patience as Google warms up to your site. This means you cannot just open up a new E-commerce website and they will come. You need to have well-written content and branding done. This is another myth that many new business owners believe. If you build a nice looking website then they will come. People will simply find you, which is far from the truth. You will need a lot of SEO done upfront before your site will be found. This is why running PPC alongside doing SEO may be wise for a bit.

Once you are on Page one in the top spots you can quit using SEO. Well, that is a common misconception by many business owners. As you obtain the top spots for the keywords you would like, you don’t think the competition is seeing that and trying to beat you down? By letting your guard down and not keeping up with your SEO, you are asking to lose that top spot. This is a very common myth that happens all the time. And, your top spot could slip back to page 5 in a matter of days. Keep the SEO going strong to keep your positions and obtain new ones!

How does SEO work alongside PPC

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a technique or group of techniques used to get websites ranking in the search engines. PPC or Pay per click is actually advertising that you see at the top of search engines. They certainly can work alongside each other and it is good practice that they do. If you have the number one spot in the Search Engines, offer PPC for that term and show up in maps you are the authority of that page. This tells the average person who is searching that you are what they are looking for, so much so you give them three options to contact you on that page. This can be very effective.

SEO is Long Term

SEO alongside PPC also can help pay for the SEO. Newer companies are not going to get impressive results in just a month’s time. SEO is a long term investment and the more you invest the better the results. There is no quick and easy button to get the results you are looking for. However, give it time and you will have your site up on page one for some keywords. Give it more time and you’ll have results up for more keywords. In fact, the longer the campaign runs the better the results!

SEO and PPC Are Not Directly Related

PPC and SEO of your website are not really directly related to you each other. However, when you stop a PPC you may see a bit of a drop in your website’s rankings. This is because your traffic will most likely drop as well. Traffic is one of the ranking factors. Give it a bit of time and it should level out. But, this is really the only direct connection. Running ads or stopping ads is not going to affect your SEO rankings. It is merely another way to bring in customers.

PPC is One of Your Most Effective Forms of Keyword Research

If you want to preview how effective a particular keyword is for conversion rates, then PPC is the best way to go. Many times people run PPC alongside SEO in order to get the first clients through the door. Once they can get the clients through the door, they will be able to make an income that will help pay for the marketing efforts of SEO. SEO works well for targeting your high volume or high conversion rate keywords. However PPC allows for greater flexibility much broader range of terms that you can show up for when people are searching. It is much better to know a term does or does not convert in PPC before you spend months trying to rank for it. However, PPC has a low barrier to entry which allows you to get started today and start seeing some results of your sooner than in SEO in most cases.

Get the best of both worlds with PPC and SEO running at the same time. While your SEO campaign is maturing this is a great way to earn a living. As your SEO begins to work, mess around with various terms and see what helps with running SEO and PPC. This is a constant trial and error to see what gets the very best results.

In the end, there will always be people clicking ads. If ads work for your business, SEO is no substitute. It is the next step.