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It’s the Digital Marketing app you’ve been waiting for!

A Revolutionary Solution For Small Businesses! Stay on top of your campaigns with our LinX app! No need to logon to your computer—everything is available via the app!

Exclusive to SponsoredLinX, our app provides all your AdWords and Facebook ad performance data—along with push leads—via instant notifications!

Benefits & Features

On Demand Reporting
View all your files and data in one spot, with no need for multiple downloads!

Innovative Facebook Solutions
Revolutionary solutions to all current Facebook Lead challenges (as leads come directly to the app, there’s no need to login to Facebook).

Instant Leads With Notifications
View new leads as soon as they come through!

Personalised Assistance
Receive customised and caring support from your Account Management via the app!

Quick Responses
Get in touch with your Account Manager or request a callback in just one click!

User Friendly
View all your normal AdWords data—such as daily, weekly and monthly insights, impressions and clicks—in an easy to read format.