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ChatBots For Small Businesses: A Content Marketing Crash Course

Artificially intelligent ChatBots aren’t just for large Fortune 500 companies anymore. Thanks to technological enhancements and creative innovation, AI has enhanced customer service protocol and improved the daily operations of small businesses across the globe. Providing you with the opportunity to save money, time and improve your business as a whole, why wouldn’t you get
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2017 Digital Marketing News - Robots to create ads?
2017 Digital Marketing News — Coca Cola’s Plans to Replace Creatives With Robots

  This week, we look at two of the most interesting developments in the world of digital marketing. Could Coca Cola’s Future Ads Be Created By Robots?  Recently I wrote a blog about the takeover of AI (artificial intelligence), in which I asked: is artificial intelligence making us lazy? (The answer is yes, yes it
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technological first world problems
Is The Advancement Of Artificial Intelligence Making Us Lazy?

I get it, our lives are busy – but are we really content to let robots turn us into lazy, unmotivated beings? Recently I was reading an article about the advancement of voice-based search and artificial intelligence, but instead of being inspired, I was left feeling disappointed. While the blog included lots of fascinating information
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Would You Trust Facebook Chatbots To Order Your Pizza?

  They’re strong, they’re clever, and they’re making their mark on the world. No, this isn’t a case of chimpanzees rising up and running amok through the city; in fact, my subject isn’t even a real-life being. Who is it? Why, it’s the savvy chatbot. If you haven’t yet heard of the chatbot, let me
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