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Three Tech Trends To Watch

“How did I miss that?” At some stage you’ve likely asked yourself this exact question. Missed what, exactly? I am referring to digital and technological developments. Believe it or not, there are still small businesses that do not own a website and have zero presence online. The innovation and advancements we are now seeing affect
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The Internet of Things

Is it relevant to your business? The future belongs to those who create, not consume! As a business owner, you are in luck! The Internet of Things (IOT), is the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch, to the Internet and each other. They are devices communicating with each other
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Facebook and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

A step in the right direction? Hollywood has fed us fantasies of artificial intelligence (A.I.) since the dawn of sci-fi filmmaking. From movies like ‘The Terminator’, ‘The Matrix’, ‘I’, ‘Robot’ and ‘Transcendence’; but with most of the movies showcasing A.I. as a negative, are we ready to understand what it means to take the next
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Why Landing Pages are more of a Team Player than you might think.

High converting landing pages are designed to focus on one thing and one thing only; they’re standalone webpages which are designed to receive online traffic with users’ who have a single intent, and your landing page is there to deliver. For this very reason they are used in conjunction with online traffic directed from Pay-per-Click
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Palaszczuk’s $40 million Fund to Add Fuel to the Fire for the Collaboration Economy

The Queensland Government’s announcement for a $40 million Business Development Fund has set entrepreneur hearts aflutter around the State – mine included! With the Turnball Government recently pushing an innovation wave throughout the hearts and minds of Australians, it seems the Palaszczuk Government has been watching very closely. This flow on effect has suddenly created
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Understanding Google’s Knowledge Graph

Google’s index, which is similar to that of a library, would take four millennia to watch. Let that sink in for a moment. Sure, it means Google can use the data to provide users with the right results when someone enters a search term, but it also goes a long way to predicting what type
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SponsoredLinX: 2015 Google Partners All-Star

Google has never intended to become a conventional company, as Alphabet CEO Larry Page is known for famously saying. With no other company around the world quite like Google, we’d say they’re doing very well in sticking to their guns. The basis of what they do hasn’t changed – to find for you whatever it
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What’s Trending in the Business World this Week?

1. Rupert Murdoch’s $US80 billion bid for Time Warner. The Australian media mogul’s company, 21st Century Fox, has made a bid for Time Warner, who own HBO (the Game of Thrones producers), CNN, Warner Brothers and DC Comics. Time Warner has rejected the initial offer but many believe Murdoch is determined to get it. One
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Google – What are they up to?

There is no doubt that Google has become a household name and the only tool to search online. This dominance & ever expanding leadership has given them amazing strength to be able to stay ahead of the market by continuing to innovate and discover new markets to invest into. Lets take a look at what
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Microsoft Attempts To Seize Smartphone Market

Microsoft has updated its corporate branding for the first time in twenty five years, signalling a revamp of its entire marketing structure as it gears up for a series of big product launches.