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Social Media Blunders That Can Land You In Hot Water

If you’re without a dedicated social media manager or team, you can occasionally find yourself stuck in a sticky situation with your social media posts. While social media is an ideal way to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website, it can also be a little dangerous to your company reputation if not done
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Social Media I Use
What Social Media I Use, And Why

This week, our guest writer is Renee Bradshaw. Renee is sixteen and will be giving us a youth perspective on marketing within social media. As marketers, we often target our ads to those in the under 18 bracket but give little thought about how these ads affect their experience. Renee weighs in….. Like any teenager, I’m
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social media tools
5 Social Media Tools The Experts Use

With all of these different social media platforms to run your campaign on, it’s no wonder people are starting to hire social media managers. But how do those social media managers deal with every other aspect of their job? Here’s a list of five essential social media tools the experts use to run a successful
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Digital Marketing Experts You Should Follow

Are you lacking inspiration on what to blog about next? Do you need some extra content to send out to your loyal subscribers? Below is a list of digital marketing experts that can provide inspiration to your campaign. Who knows, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two.

Three Social Media Marketing Strategies That You Need To Know About

As social media and traditional marketing gradually intertwine, businesses are using social media platforms as marketing tools in order to boost their revenue. Social media is a very black and white, give and take world. One small misstep and you could be heading in the wrong direction.  Below, we’ve provided you with a handy guide,
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#Brand Your Business

Hashtags (#) are a symbol used on social media to make it easier to find content relating to a specific theme or trend. The first hashtag was created by social technology expert, Chris Messina in 2007 with the intent to use it for groups. Now, businesses and brands use hashtags to reach their target audience
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Instagram Live For Your Small Business – An Instant Marketing Campaign

Instagram introduced its new live feature in 2016 and opened a door to a whole new side of the image sharing app. Stretching their still pictures to motion video, Instagram has provided small businesses with the opportunity to showcase their goods and services on a new level. Not sure how? Luckily for you, we’ve listed
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twitter marketing tips
Tempting New Tweeps To Your Twitter

In 2017, given the continual supremacy of Facebook and the new wave of apps like Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter feels like the forgotten middle child left outside in the proverbial cold. Though, you’d do well to remember just how powerful Twitter can be. When used effectively, it’s still the easiest social network to interact with
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twitter troll control
Twitter Troll Control Gets More Advanced!

If you’re on Twitter, you’ll know that it can be a tough place to be – both for your business and clients. Truth is, there are some less than lovely people out there in the world of social media, and sometimes you can become the target of bullying for no good reason other than boredom!

social media news 2017
Digital Buzz – 2017 Social Media Updates To Facebook, LinkedIn & Snapchat

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the technological advances happening in our world – there’s always so much going on! Today, we peer into some of the 2017 social media updates you need to know! LinkedIn and Snapchat Re-Design Making Search Easier Rolled out in late January, the latest LinkedIn update
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