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Digital Marketing Industry Updates – July

Google announces new reporting features for Google Analytics 4

New features have been added to Google Analytics 4 in a bid to increase usability and enable deep-diving into certain analytics that aims to fill the gaps of those who opt-out of being tracked. This includes new navigational panels to switch between reports, expanded conversion modeling, and new advertising reporting options including ‘Advertising Snapshot” for a holistic view of multichannel conversion points.

New Reel Ads & Insights for Instagram

By now we’re all familiar with the new ‘Reels’ video content on Instagram. But did you know that the increasingly popular Reels feature just got Insights and now has Reel Ads? Similar to standard Reels content, these ads can go up to 30 seconds making them double the length of your standard Instagram story ads. These can appear in all the same locations as standard non-paid Reels including the Reels tab, the Explore tab, stories, and in your explore page.

Facebook Import for Microsoft Ads

Microsoft ads have unveiled a new advertising feature call Facebook Import while allows users to effortlessly copy your Facebook Audience network into the Microsoft Audience network making it easier than ever to seamlessly transition campaigns across platforms by saving time and maximising ROI. This tool can be used as a standalone feature or to complement your existing Google Import strategy.


Facebook Analytics Removed

Announced back in April, Facebook Analytics has now been officially removed on July 1 in a bid to consolidate business tools. While the tool is now retired, this does not affect the Insights section of either Facebook or Instagram and Facebook has advised that the same insights and data analysis capabilities are available amongst additional tools. These insights will now also be available across the Facebook Business Suite, Ads Manager, and Events Manager.