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Why You Need Convertopages 2.0

Our attitude towards the Internet and how we interact with it on a daily basis has changed how we do business forever. It means you need to invest in your online marketing now more than ever, and Convertopages is the perfect tool to use in addition with your Google AdWords campaigns. Learn more about Convertopages
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Let’s Talk About Bounce Rates

Bounce Rate – what is it and does it really matter? You have probably heard that your website’s bounce rate is a clear indication of how relevant and successful your website, and landing pages, are. This is not entirely true. If you have been told this, or read this, then we’ve got news for you.
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The Art of High Converting Landing Pages

Sadly, we see landing pages belonging to small to medium business owners which are suffering from a disconnect. So many marketing activities online direct people to a business’ homepage and not a specific landing page, when the truth is your conversion rate could drastically improve if that traffic were being diverted to the correct landing page.
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Reviewing & Implementing a Checklist for Facebook

Our Facebook Fuel to Ignite your Business Optimise Webinar, prepared by SponsoredLinX Academy, is going live tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd March) at 10:30 am AEST. We would hate for you to miss out. Click here to register. Until then, make sure you visit our blog post here about our ultimate Facebook checklist which will carry you
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Why Facebook Ads Are So Effective

You may well have heard the rumours that organic postings on Facebook (in other words content which is published for free) is on the decline. Unfortunately, the rumours are true, but as we have discovered, they are some pretty valid reasons for this which we will explore in more detail in our upcoming Optimise Webinar
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The Video Content your Facebook Business Page Needs

You could be forgiven for thinking that with the enormous jump in popularity of visual content that you now need to be a mini-blockbuster producer on top of a business owner. Umm… yeah, right! The truth of the matter is that users on social media are engaging with visual content in all of its forms,
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Facebook for Business

We’ve got the know how on what you need to get started with Facebook for Business. Check out the infographic below, and don’t forget to register for our upcoming SponsoredLinX Academy ‘Optimise Webinar – Facebook Fuel to Ignite Your Business’ on Wednesday 23rd March at 10:30 am AEST.