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The Best source of Facebook Ad Ideas: Your Competitors!

Are you thinking of getting started with Facebook ads, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about it? Or maybe you’ve tested running an ad here and there but were not too sure if it was good enough or engaging enough to have made a significant impact. But what if you could create ad creatives
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Choosing The Ultimate Facebook Ad Type

If you’re still using direct mail, print ads or television commercials — social media marketing costs almost nothing compared to those traditional outlets. Over the past couple of years, both the technology and services behind Facebook Ads have improved immensely. Meaning, now they’re affordable and cost-effective form of online marketing. With the ability to target
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GIFS: The Perfect Addition To Your Facebook Ads!

Unless you’ve spent the last year in a cave devoid of the internet, then you’re likely aware of the GIF revolution. Pronounced with a “G” and not as “Jiff” (please, just no), these photo/video hybrids are now seen on almost every page you click on! In February of this year Facebook began allowing advertisers to
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facebook collection ads
How Facebook Collection Ads Will Improve Purchase Experience

In exciting news for March, Facebook have announced a new ad format! Launched on March 24th, Facebook Collection ads are a new and improved way for retailers to promote their products. Combining features of standard and Carousel ads, the Facebook Collection ads allow retailers to publish an image of their main product, along with a
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social media news
Digital Buzz: Are You A Fan Of The New Facebook Video Updates?

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the technological advances happening in our world—there’s always so much going on! Today, we peer into some of the latest Facebook video updates, and dish out the info you need to know!  Facebook must have been feeling the love this February, because as a Valentine’s
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Facebook’s Latest Update Is A Win For Small Businesses!

Order food, book appointments and more, directly from Facebook! With Facebook already dominating so much of our lives, it seems Zuckerberg’s team have devised a new way to keep users from bouncing off to other websites. The latest Facebook update? Allowing users to book appointments, purchase food, and buy tickets directly from Facebook business pages.
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4 Ways Fake Facebook Likes Harm Your Business

When you’ve tried everything you can to increase your brand following, but your Facebook page is still mimicking the call of a thousand lonely crickets, it can be tempting to look for quick fixes. After all, it’s not like anyone will know you’ve bought fake Facebook likes, right? Wrong. In 2016, there are plenty of
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Facebook’s New HQ

Visiting Hacker Way In celebration of the SponsoredLinX 10th year anniversary (and our new Headquarters in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane) I’m taking you on a tour through another company that’s been hitting some serious milestones (and also moved recently) and drawing on a few similarities. Welcome to Facebook Headquarters – 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park in
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Facebook in the Limelight

The Crystal Ball Effect Social media has had a record breaking year; Instagram recorded over 400 million active monthly users and finally beat Twitter. Facebook overtook YouTube for desktop video views and finally hit 1 billion daily active users. But as one year comes to a close, we naturally want to know what comes next.
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This Week in Digital

As a new blog feature, we take a look at what’s been making news and what’s caught our eye in the ever evolving world of digital marketing and all that it entails. Stay on top of what matters and make sure you follow the links to the full articles so you can learn in detail
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