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The Future Of Video Advertising In 2022

Video has taken over the internet in the past decade. It’s no longer a fad, and at this stage, it’s pretty clear to everyone that video is here to stay. Naturally, wherever the consumers are getting their content, advertisers will be there too, trying to get their messages, products, and brand across as seamlessly as
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Live Video
Embracing Live Video In 2018 – A How-To Guide

Live video is the perfect way to showcase your brand to your audience and presents you with the unique opportunity to differentiate yourself with your competitors. With Facebook and Instagram making the world of live streaming more accessible, you can’t ignore the opportunity. Today, we’ve got a how-to guide to break down why you should
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Video Advertising Campaigns In 2017 – Our Top 10!

It’s that time of year again where we take a moment to reflect on what 2017 was. What’s changed? What did we learn? What’s made an impact?

Video Marketing Trends
Video Marketing Trends Set To Soar In 2018

As we edge closer to the end of this year, we can see 2018 on the horizon. Turning the corner into the new year, we can safely say that the evolution of video marketing isn’t slowing down anytime soon. We’re likely to expect another year of technological innovation behind the camera with content that’s more
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TWO SIMPLE WAYS to implement videos into your marketing  

It’s true: Video is the new kid on the block and she’s here to stay! Sure, she may have changed a lot over the years – moving from a clunky black box whose insides would regularly tangle and crinkle – to a digital file that now lives in a slick, curvy smartphone or a hip
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You Tube ‘Bumper Ads’

Snackable Videos Are On the Menu This year marks a milestone year for internet usage set to topple 1 Zettabyte (1 Trillion Gigabytes) by the end of 2016. It seems we have become extremely efficient at consuming huge volumes of data from an almost infinite number of services worldwide, but one of our favourite choices
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Digital the Big Winner for Ad Spend in Australia for 2016

According to recent reports from B&T and Sydney Morning Herald, Zenith Optimedia have predicted that Australia’s advertising and marketing spend is set to only increase by a meagre 3% in 2016. A 3% rise will equate to $13.5 billion but the biggest winners within the industry are set to be digital mediums, largely thanks to
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Surely YouTube and a Music App go hand-in-hand, right?

So who wants to download a new music app by YouTube that doesn’t allow you to create your own playlists? *crickets chirping* hhmmm that’s what I thought. Last time I looked, Google had three different music platforms. They have YouTube Red, Google Play Music and Google Play Store. So when Google announced YouTube Music the
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The Making of the Famous Christmas Advert

Video Content Just Got Better It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, the Holiday season is well and truly with us and one of my favourite past times has been watching (and re-watching) all of the Christmas adverts released by big brands around the world.  My eager anticipation for the commercials, which are
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Video – Facebook Revenue Raiser for Your Business

Did you know we have a thriving YouTube channel with loads of useful content created just for you? Make sure you go and check it and subscribe so you won’t ever miss out on the latest industry news impacting your business and the world of digital marketing. Here is  a taster of what you can
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