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Digital the Big Winner for Ad Spend in Australia for 2016

According to recent reports from B&T and Sydney Morning Herald, Zenith Optimedia have predicted that Australia’s advertising and marketing spend is set to only increase by a meagre 3% in 2016. A 3% rise will equate to $13.5 billion but the biggest winners within the industry are set to be digital mediums, largely thanks to the rising popularity of mobile marketing and online video, plus OOH (out-of-home) advertising.

The Sydney Morning Herald report that, “Internet advertising, the largest category, is forecast to jump 12.1 per cent in 2016 to just under $6 billion, following 14.1 per cent growth expected this year”. Sue-Ellen Osborn, trading director of ZenithOptimedia, spoke with Fairfax media and is reported as saying by B&T that, “Growth in digital has primarily been driven by an increase in mobile advertising, which grew over 50 per cent year on year, and by OLV (online video), which doubled in spend and was responsible for almost all of the growth in digital display”.


It seems that Australia is not the only country set to experience a rise in ad-spend. Indonesia and the Philippines are continuing to prosper from uninterrupted and strong economic growth. According to ZenithOptimedia, the Philippines, Indonesia and India “are the only three markets in which ad-spend is growing at double digit annual rates and will expand by at least US$1bn between 2015 and 2018…”.

As we again get set to run the business and marketing race of 2016, can you safely say you’ve done all of the training and leg work you need to come out at first place? Having a digital marketing plan and a mobile marketing plan will provide you with everything you need to get pole position, but if you’re lacking in these two strategies, then you need to think quick. Your competitors have likely already got their own digital marketing plans in place, and even if they don’t then you know you can be the one to capitalise.

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