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Mobile Web Optimisation Strategies

K.I.S.S. Before we get into the strategy part of this article, I need you to go here and enter your site into the mobile friendly test field… Have you done it? If you could see a mobile-friendly version of your website in the mobile interface then well done to you! This means your website
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AdWords & SEO

A Match Made in Marketing Heaven Quite often, when referring to Google AdWords and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in the same sentence, the phrase which is used is ‘AdWords vs SEO’. The common misconception is often that it is one or the other, whether that be due to cost, flexibility or results is completely irrelevant.
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Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!

Regardless of whether you have an eCommerce site or a simple landing page, there are some simple questions that need to be asked when looking at how to increase conversions and sales. Here we take a look at the things that can increase your chances of getting your site’s traffic through to the point of
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Retroactive Conversion Optimisation for Paid & Organic Traffic

Back in early march, I had the pleasure (and challenge!) of receiving a new client, and their website sat in an incredibly competitive space within online advertising. As a company who specialises in rent-to-own furniture and appliances, we knew we were stepping into a marketplace with a plethora of competition from well established, nationally recognised businesses… and taking into account the high Cost-Per-Clicks (CPCs) for AdWords we knew that we had to make every cent count with our marketing budget.

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your CTR

Some simple steps that will help you quickly boost your campaign’s Click Through Rate (CTR), which will naturally help improve keyword quality scores and decrease your cost per click.

Website vs. Bricks and Mortar Stores

As a business owner, regardless of industry or targeted client base, anyone would agree on the benefits of having a physical shop front or office. If this shop front is well staffed, well maintained and in a good location, then clearly foot traffic will come into the store, giving your staff the opportunity to make sales and/or generate leads. The better the location, the greater the volume of foot traffic. The better your staff, the more sales and leads (not to mention the quality of these) will be achieved. All fairly simple stuff isn’t it?

The Importance of a holistic approach to Online Marketing.

A successful AdWords campaign is comprised of several all important variants. Contrary to popular opinion the AdWords campaign is not the be all and end all, rather, it is the website itself that does the all important work. To use a simple analogy, the AdWords campaign is effectively a sprucer standing out the front of
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Identifying the Online Gaps for Long Term Adwords Strategies.

We have all done it. Googling ourselves to see where our ads are: As a plumber you might type in “Brisbane Plumbers” or “Emergency Plumbers Brisbane” and yes, this is the bread and butter of any advertising campaign. These keywords are obvious, and as such highly competitive which effectively means every plumber in Brisbane is
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