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5 Google Easter Eggs You Should Know About

The shops are selling hot cross buns and chocolate eggs and the weather is getting chillier by the day; that can only mean Easter is here. Here at SponsoredLinX, we love a good Easter egg, and not just the chocolate kind. We’re big fans of Google Easter eggs, and as a leading digital marketing agency
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2022 Search Trends to Leverage This Valentine’s Day

It feels like we were planning our search campaigns for Christmas yesterday, but December has come and gone, and love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and consumers are starting to think about how they can show their love with lavish purchases and thoughtful dates, and they’re looking for ideas online.
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Digital Marketing Industry Updates – November

Google introduces new features to keep data private and secure To celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Google has recently released several new features to help keep your data secure. One of these features that is important to note for small businesses is the Chrome HTTPS-First Mode. HTTPS websites (compared to HTTP) are websites with added security
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Digital Marketing Industry Updates – June

Instagram releases new analytics: Live Videos, Reels & Likes Instagram has announced that it is releasing new native data for its reel and live video features for digital marketers to assess their performance and make more informed decisions. Reels will now report on plays, accounts reached, likes, comments, saves, and shares. Additionally, metrics rolled out
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Back To Basics With AdWords

Let’s get back to basics with AdWords! Below we’ll discuss how they work, and how to use them to best effect. We’ll give a brief introduction to the concept of AdWords and lastly how Google ranks ads. So, what is Google AdWords? Simply put – AdWords is an auction. Advertisers compete against one another in
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google my business
5 Reasons You Should Be Using ‘Google My Business’

If you’ve been neglecting Google My Business in favour of other platforms, now is the time to jump onboard. Here are our top five reasons for using Google My Business! #1: Get More Traffic For Free Since Google My Business provides your customers with immediate information about your brand – including directions, customer reviews, contact
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Google to Penalise Sites Using Annoying Pop-Ups

Keeping up with Google’s changes can be an exhausting process, so to make it easier, we’ve done the work for you! Here are two of the latest Google updates.  1. Updates to the Keyword Planner Tool. Google’s Keyword Planner Tool is a favourite amongst Business owners looking to increase their first-page rankings, but for those who
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social media news
Digital Buzz – The Facebook Trending Fail that went viral. Sometimes it’s better to hire humans!

It can be difficult to keep up with all of the technological advances happening in our world – there’s always so much going on! As part of our weekly blog, SponsoredLinX take a look at some of the biggest social media news announcements to have caught our eye during August.  Facebook replaces its Trending News
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The Google App that dethroned Pokemon Go

It’s a day I thought I’d never see…PokemonGo dethroned by a Google App. While the augmented reality is currently still within the top 5 apps on Google Play, it seems that our minds are ever so slightly pulling back from the wonder that is PokemonGo. So what is the app that snuck its way into
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3 ways Google is changing how we shop and travel

There are a whole lot of new features coming to Google AdWords, and as you can expect, it’s bound to revolutionise the way we shop and advertise. Dedicated smart filters for hotel searches, price tracking for flights, and even interactive shopping banners for YouTube – there are huge opportunities coming for both consumers and advertisers!
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