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Onsite SEO

Here we take a look at some of our best onsite SEO strategies.  Your onsite SEO optimisation must be structural and you must make sure that any technical alterations and tweaks to your website make it more appealing to Google. We have collated our best onsite SEO tips in the infographic below. Check it out, and don’t
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Google Quality Guidelines

How to Become Popular with Google Following Google’s Quality Guidelines can mean the difference between finding your site organically ranking on the 1st page, or not. If not it can mean to a vast majority of website users that your site doesn’t even exist – eek! Obviously it’s very important to have a website which
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Link Assassination or Negative SEO – What can you do about it?

Ever since Google released their Penguin search algorithm update there has been the potential for someone to hurt the rankings of someone else’s website. Penguin looks for spammy links to a website (a good indicator that someone is doing cheap and nasty SEO) and drops the Google rankings of that website as a penalty for black hat SEO practices. Negative SEO, also known by the slightly more dramatic term “Link Assassination”, involves actually purchasing large numbers of spammy links for a competitor in the hopes that Google will penalise their rankings.

What Is A Result In SEO Terms? Part 5 – Maintenance

An unfortunately common misconception amongst those who engage in SEO is that it is not an ongoing concern. Too many people think that once you rank, you rank. This is simply not the case.

Why Google Wants What It Wants In 2014: Part 3 – Link Profile

If you’ve been keeping up on this 5 part blog series (and I’d strongly recommend you read parts 1 & 2 for context if you haven’t) then you’ll be aware that we’ve been talking a lot about what is now meant by “content” and why it has been given such value as part of the
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