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Stop Searching for Your Ad on Google!

A common problematic scenario which comes up in the day to day running of many online campaigns is when someone with a Google AdWords account Google themselves so that they can find their ad. While I can totally understand why any SME owner is interested in performing a Google search to see if they’re showing for their top keywords, this is
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Cost Per Acquisition Bidding 101

Conversion Optimiser (or CPA or Cost Per Acquisition bidding) is a bidding tool which lets Google AdWords use your historical conversion data to determine when to bid, how much to bid and what to bid on in order to secure you conversions at the best possible acquisition cost. Put simply, it takes your campaigns conversion
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The Year of YouTube

When it comes to search volume it might surprise a lot of people to know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world behind Google. With over 3 Billion searches on YouTube every month it’s no surprise that in 2006 Google purchased YouTube for $1.65billion. Even with this incredible statistic many digital
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Is Your Marketing in Sync with the Weather?

Picture this, you run a business as a lawn mower serviceman, or you run a fishing charter. When it’s sunny you’re booked out weeks in advance. When it rains, it pours… and by that I mean, no one wants to know you. What if I told you you’re able to automatically set bids dependant on
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#Hashtag Mindblown

Game changer. You hear it a lot in online marketing. Everything happens, changes and updates so fast that as soon as people have their head around the latest ‘game changer’ the game has just been changed. Again.

Changing the Image of the Bounce Rate

As a digital marketing specialist I deal with a lot of web sites from a lot of different industries each and every week. The great thing about my job is that it is so varied and no two websites or campaigns I run are the same. There is however one common thread that runs between every client I deal with, and some place more emphasis on it than others. Bounce Rate. In this article I want to shine the spotlight on the humble bounce rate and try to get people thinking about it a little bit differently.

Is Your Website A Minimum Wage Cashier?

We all know that generating leads is one of the most important parts of running a business. You could have the a fantastic idea and a fantastic product, but if your customers cannot get in contact to be able to enquire about your product or service then you haven’t got much. This simple interaction is
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