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How To Build The Perfect Google Remarketing Campaign For The Holidays

While ads are typically more expensive over the holiday season, businesses can use their budget strategically with Google remarketing. Capitalising on a Google remarketing campaign involves remarketing audiences that are already engaged with your products or services. Our team at SponsoredLinx are the experts in Google ads management and can help boost your business through
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How To SEO Optimise Your Christmas Content Strategy

It’s that time of the year again; it’s time to capitalise on the Christmas season and to do so using SEO copywriting. We all know that sales go through the roof during the Christmas season, so it makes holiday marketing essential. At SponsoredLinX, we can help you maximise your holiday marketing, and we just so
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The Newest Campaign Type You Need To Know About: Google Discovery Ads

When the people ask, Google listens, which is why the world of Google Discovery launched. Google discovery ads are mobile-optimised, highly visual ads built for advertisers’ use across Google properties. The specialists at SponsoredLinx are highly knowledgeable and skilled in using Google ads management tools, including Google discovery. So come along with us and discover
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Your Christmas Shopify SEO Checklist

Jingle bells, Shopify sells, it’s time to learn how to optimise your Shopify SEO! At SponsoredLinX, we are the experts (second to the jolly fella’) in making a list and checking it twice, especially if it’s a Shopify SEO checklist. We offer businesses our expertise in search engine optimisation services. Here you will find your
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Local Search Optimisation
Local Search Optimisation – How To Stand Out

Ranking well in local search is now mandatory for smaller businesses and for those with a geographical client base. However, it’s worth noting the associated ranking factors differ when compared to a national search. And you need to know the difference! Depending on what services you offer, the local search battle can prove highly competitive.
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The Importance Of Linking For Your Small Business Website

Many small business owners ponder the same question: how do I attract more customers? Using a website is a proven way of making your business more accessible. And in saying that, there are dozens of on-page SEO ideas that can help search engines find your page. Getting high-quality links for your SEO is vital when
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Voice Search Revolution – Strategies & Preparedness

Ok, Google, how do I optimise my website for the voice search revolution?

Earning Links – Our Top 5 Tips

Gaining inbound links remains one of, if not the best path to long-term online traffic success. Links mean authority, increasing your website’s ranking for search engine queries. Therefore, it’s vitally important for any SEO campaign. Not only that, they result in referral traffic indefinitely and help prop up your brand’s online reputation. The problem is
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increasing landing page seo
Increasing Landing Page SEO For Your Small Business

As a core element of online marketing, getting your landing page found is important. However, being found isn’t always enough to land you a sale. Several factors go into the decision of your buyer, and therefore, you must appeal to all their ideals. We’ve gathered a few quick and actionable hints increasing landing page SEO
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SEO Tips To Boost Your Google Rank

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway—SEO is highly technical. There are more than 200 influencing factors and it’s difficult to know concretely what you as a business needs to do to stay ahead of the game. However, while it is difficult to comprehend every element, there are some simple things you can
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