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Seasonal Keywords for Season Promotions

Well, it’s that time of year again, everyone is saying goodbye to their favourite habits and finding chocolate eggs strewn about their gardens and homes… “Happy Easter everyone!” – This is what your SEO strategy looks like right now in May if you left your Easter SEO planning until a few weeks before the main event.
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Planning For A Successful SEO Campaign

Seasonal strategies for your business Christmas is now a far off memory and like all business owners should be, the focus is on the future and the rest of 2016. When owning a business, it is important to identify specific dates and trends in the market that will affect your business performance. As an SEO
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What’s Google up to these days?

Algorithm updates and more! It seems like it has been a long time since the SEO industry was in a panic over the latest massive update from Google. There was all of the drama surrounding the inaptly named ‘mobilegeddon’ update this time last year. Ultimately that proved to be less of a big deal than
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Mobile Web Optimisation Strategies

K.I.S.S. Before we get into the strategy part of this article, I need you to go here and enter your site into the mobile friendly test field… Have you done it? If you could see a mobile-friendly version of your website in the mobile interface then well done to you! This means your website
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Bye-Bye to Google Ads on the Right-Hand Side

Google is doing away with right-hand side ads and the search engine marketing world is running around mad with the news. With immediate effect on a global scale, search marketers are now reeling with what this exactly means for them and for businesses. Concerns around the possibility of escalated cost-per-clicks (CPC) and organic search engine
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AdWords & SEO

A Match Made in Marketing Heaven Quite often, when referring to Google AdWords and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in the same sentence, the phrase which is used is ‘AdWords vs SEO’. The common misconception is often that it is one or the other, whether that be due to cost, flexibility or results is completely irrelevant.
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Onsite SEO

Here we take a look at some of our best onsite SEO strategies.  Your onsite SEO optimisation must be structural and you must make sure that any technical alterations and tweaks to your website make it more appealing to Google. We have collated our best onsite SEO tips in the infographic below. Check it out, and don’t
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SEO for YouTube

3 Quick Tips Most of us in the SEO industry spend a lot of time developing strategies around the Google search algorithm and not much time is spent worrying about others. With YouTube being the second largest search engine it’s important to understand how that algorithm differs from Google to get the most out of
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Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!

Regardless of whether you have an eCommerce site or a simple landing page, there are some simple questions that need to be asked when looking at how to increase conversions and sales. Here we take a look at the things that can increase your chances of getting your site’s traffic through to the point of
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Understanding SEO & Mobile

For any small business owner embarking on an SEO strategy, you will soon realise there a two parts to the equation. One, your SEO plan of attack for desktop search, and two, your strategy for mobile SEO. Fortunately, Australian SMEs are catching on. “Next year, Canada and Australia will surpass South Korea to become the
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