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increasing landing page seo

Increasing Landing Page SEO For Your Small Business

As a core element of online marketing, getting your landing page found is important. However, being found isn’t always enough to land you a sale. Several factors go into the decision of your buyer, and therefore, you must appeal to all their ideals. We’ve gathered a few quick and actionable hints increasing landing page SEO for your small business. 

Improve Your Page Load Speed

Google recently conducted research into the average time it takes to load a mobile landing page. Results showed that the average speed is 22 seconds, however, 53% of mobile users will leave the page should it take any longer than three seconds to load. Even at 10 seconds, the probability of a consumer leaving your page is 123% thus making page load speed a critical component to the success of your business. Some simple fixes, such as minimising HTTP requests and enabling browser caching, can go a long way for increasing landing page SEO. 

increasing landing page seo

Ensure Keyword Relevance

Your SEO keywords are the words or phrases in your content that make it possible for people to find you through search engines. Google is capable of detecting keywords beyond just the domain name and headline. This makes adding relevant keywords very crucial as it affects search engine results pages. Assuming you’re taking advantage of Google AdWords, the easiest thing to do to make your keyword relevant is to ensure the keyword you’re bidding on is featured prominently on your landing page, including the headline. Additionally, match the message of the AdWords ad that links to your keyword/s.

increasing landing page seo

Optimise For Mobile

Mobile conversion optimisation is becoming increasingly crucial with mobile marketing on the rise. Designing a mobile-user-friendly landing page for multiple devices will ultimately land you more conversions. Keep in mind it may be best to condense your content and images when creating a mobile landing page to account for slower internet connections. Ideally, you will want your call to action front and centre, to implement a click to call and you will most definitely want to test it.

increasing landing page seo

Trigger Emotions

Emotional appeal in advertising has become very apparent in the last few years, so much so they have practically become a significant stage in the buying process. By triggering certain emotions on your landing page, you’ll be able to create a connection with your customer and increase the chance of conversion. The most popular emotions to appeal to include: greed (offer a 2 for 1 sale or limited/once-only discounts), fear (subtly hint that not engaging in your brand can cause the loss of business etc.), and altruism (helping others).

increasing landing page seo

Remember that landing page optimisation is an ever-changing process and should be updated with each marketing campaign. Landing pages encourage you to grow and improve your business and are one of few true ways to deliver ROI. Put these tips to good use and evaluate your results with confidence today.

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