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The Benefits of Databases

The first thing you do when thinking about implementing a new marketing campaign for your business is market research, right? This is where databases come in handy.

Online Marketing in Our Daily Lives

In an attempt to further drive engagement with their customers in Australia, Nestle in conjunction with Woolworths has incorporated near field technology into in-store advertising as part of a marketing campaign within the supermarkets store for Uncle Toby’s Oats and strawberries. This isn’t the first time the chain’s marketing strategy has had to be altered to keep up with changing trends.

Get more engagement with Video

The further along we get into 2014, we are having to find even more ways to interact with customers digitally. Social media platforms are great for gaining insights into how customers interact with brands & products, now more than ever. These insights often lead to new and exciting ways of engaging with customers and getting them to interact with new products & promotions.

Office Story: The game in which you develop games

For this week’s app, I had a look at Office Story.

Googleplex: The office dreams are made of

How the technology giant fosters a work/life balance.

How Phone Etiquette Can Make or Break a Sale

So you’ve recently ramped up your marketing strategy; you’re starting to see results when it comes to AdWord conversions and your number of social media followers is increasing. Before you know the phone is ringing hot. The hard part is over right? Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the sales roll in. Well not necessarily. It has been proven that phone manner when liaising with customers can have a huge impact on the conversion rate of sales from online marketing. Here are some tips to ensure that a sale doesn’t slip!

Snapchat’s New eCommerce System

Just as Facebook and Twitter have announced that they are getting into eCommerce, Snapchat appears to be trying to get in on the action too. The popular mini photo and video sharing social network bought trademarks for two payment related systems last week.

Weekly Round Up: This Week in Australian Business

Weekly round up of the Australian business news.