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The Benefits of Databases

The first thing you do when thinking about implementing a new marketing campaign for your business is market research, right? This is used to understand the market climate as much as you can so you don’t do the wrong things.

Whilst with traditional business this was all there was to it; online marketing is a little different. There are unique elements to online marketing that the more traditional marketing campaigns didn’t have to deal with. Online marketing revolves around building databases. Databases are goldmines in the world of online marketing as if all else fails you can sell a good database to other companies also conducting market research about their target audiences. So with this in mind how does one develop a good database?

The answer revolves around the use of social media. You see, using social metrics to learn social behaviours, habits, interests and the spheres of influence that affect your audience is crucial to be able to market to them. Whilst engaging in this research it is important to measure and track the what your audience wants, how much time and how many clicks it takes to get from your initial source(blog post, social media update) to your website, online shop etc. Also where your audience comes from and any other factors that influence how they find you. With this knowledge you will be well on your way to building a quality database!