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Social Selling – How to Use Social Media to Directly Generate Sales

So you’ve built a great Facebook page. You have a captive audience, growing numbers of likes and are achieving great results in the areas of branding and client interaction. Now how do you take this amazing work and turn it into a lead generation tool?

Facebook Slashes Post Reach – How to Keep Reaching Your Audience

As we explored in my last blog, Facebook have tightened their newsfeed algorithm reducing the organic reach of your posts (i.e the number of your ‘likers’ who actually see your posts).
This week it was confirmed that Facebook are looking at reducing this organic reach to 1-2% of your audience…ouch! This means up to 99% of your hard-earned likers may not see your posts at all. You’ve invested time and money in growing your page, so what do you do to counteract this?