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10 Steps to Start YouTube Ads

Starting YouTube ads involves careful planning and execution, but the potential to reach a massive and engaged audience makes it worthwhile. By following these 10 steps, you will be on your way to create impactful and successful YouTube ad campaigns that drive your marketing objectives. 1. Define Goals Clarify your campaign objectives. Are you aiming
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Strategic Guide To YouTube Ad Formats: Choosing, Utilizing, And Excelling With Diverse Advertising Options

YouTube is not only a platform for sharing videos but also a powerful advertising tool that allows businesses to reach a global audience in creative and engaging ways. Understanding the various YouTube ad formats is crucial for creating successful ad campaigns that resonate with your target audience. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the
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Launching a Meta Campaign

Meta Ads serve a multifaceted purpose in the digital marketing landscape. They enable businesses to reach a wider audience by connecting people from all over the world as their potential target audience. It provides a diverse range of advertising formats like video or image which caters to various business goals and creative strategies which maximises
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META Ads Training Resources

What is Meta? Meta, is a company that has redefined the way we connect, communicate, and consume content. Meta, previously known as Facebook, has expanded its horizons beyond the conventional realms of social networking and now offers a multitude of services under its umbrella. One of the standout components of this transformation is Meta Ads
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The Best Small Business Tools For EOFY

If you’re anything like the team at SponsoredLinX, the end of another financial year gives you a little bit of a thrill. It’s a time of looking back, reflecting, and planning for the year ahead, and boy do we love planning! However, running a small business is hard. There are a lot of things you
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Marketing Ideas to Start Off the New Financial Year Right

As the financial year draws to a close, a lot of companies have plans set to make the most of an End of Financial Year sale. At the same time, companies that want to get a head start are also forming plans about what to do once the new financial year begins.  That said, we’ve
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May Digital Marketing Industry Updates

New Green Screen Option for YouTube Shorts! YouTube’s 60-second shorts has recently made updates to its Green Screen function. The feature was first introduced last October as a way to compete with short video content on TikTok and Instagram. When the feature came out, though, the Green Screen option only allowed users to upload content
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20 Things You Need For A Successful Website

On August 6, 1991, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee launched the world’s very first website. The site is text only and might seem quite boring, but at the time, it was a huge step forward for digital technology. In fact, you can still go and check out the site at It’s safe to say
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Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 Is On The Horizon: Is Your Business Ready? Google Analytics 4 (GA4) isn’t new; it’s been on the scene for around two years now. However, many businesses have been slow on the uptake, preferring to stick to what they know with Universal Analytics. A little more than a year from now, Universal
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3 Types of Pillar Pages to Help Catapult Your SEO Rankings

When researching and learning more about an unfamiliar topic it usually helps to find a resource that one can go back to every now and again. Think about how Wikipedia pages are structured, wherein you can read about a specific topic, and then come back to it later to delve deeper into the subject. In
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