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May Digital Marketing Industry Updates

New Green Screen Option for YouTube Shorts!

YouTube’s 60-second shorts has recently made updates to its Green Screen function. The feature was first introduced last October as a way to compete with short video content on TikTok and Instagram. When the feature came out, though, the Green Screen option only allowed users to upload content from their camera roll to be used as their background image. Now, more options have been added, including the use of any eligible YouTube video or short as the background. One way this has been used is as reaction videos, wherein influencers react to the latest memes or videos on their own feeds. To access the Green Screen function, simply select Create > Green Screen among the options under the video you’re watching. Or, if you’re watching YouTube shorts, click on the 3-dot menu and select Green Screen.

YouTube Shorts Green Screen


Google Announces Amazing New Immersive Maps Feature

At the recent 2022 I/O summit this month, Google announced a range of upcoming features and tools, one of which was the more immersive Maps feature. This new immersive view combines both Street View and aerial images to create a more dynamic and comprehensive digital model. What’s even more exciting about this feature is the fact that it also promises to allow users to be able to experience the interiors of popular venues, landmarks, or restaurants through your device. This would be a great marketing tool for businesses in the restaurant and tourism industries as they help give potential customers a good impression of their location even before they step foot inside.

Google Immersive Maps updateGoogle Immersive Search

Meta Adds More Ad Targeting Insights to its Ad Library Listings

Meta has decided to add more insights on political, electoral, or social issue ads on their platform as part of their continued efforts to limit access to users’ personal data and create more transparency on how advertisers are using that data. This change from Meta should help researchers better analyse trends in ad usage, as well as give marketers get a better glimpse of their competition’s strategy and tactics with regard to what audiences they’re targeting. If you’re currently on the lookout for new audience targets, it might be a good time to scope out the competition in Meta’s Ad Library.


LinkedIn Creates Improvements to Search Results

LinkedIn has made several improvements to its platform, including some content discovery updates. Now, when searching for certain topics, trends, or news, users will not only be shown content from those within their network but also content from relevant creators as well. This will make it easier for users to get the latest insights, news, as well as expert opinions on certain topics. On the other hand, when it comes to trying to find content that you’ve seen before, LinkedIn has also made it easier by allowing users to search a creator’s name or certain keywords within their content. Leveraging off of LinkedIn’s professional network becomes much more valuable, as a result, due to these new content discovery updates. If you’re looking to connect with potential leads, clients, or partners, then look no further than LinkedIn.

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