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SponsoredLinX Launch ‘LinX’ – World’s First AdWords & Facebook Campaign App!

Queensland entrepreneur Ben Bradshaw has today celebrated the launch of a revolutionary new digital advertising app, designed to help small to medium businesses more efficiently navigate the world of digital media. Launched through his digital marketing agency SponsoredLinX, Mr Bradshaw said ‘LinX’ was one of his most exciting achievements to date. “Our app is without
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The Google App that dethroned Pokemon Go

It’s a day I thought I’d never see…PokemonGo dethroned by a Google App. While the augmented reality is currently still within the top 5 apps on Google Play, it seems that our minds are ever so slightly pulling back from the wonder that is PokemonGo. So what is the app that snuck its way into
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How Small Businesses can benefit from Instagram

While Facebook appears to be the King of social media these days – with over 1 billion users – statistics show that the everyday internet user does in fact have an average of 5.54 social media accounts (according to Global Web Index). What this tells us, is that there is no ‘one platform’ best suited
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Would You Trust Facebook Chatbots To Order Your Pizza?

  They’re strong, they’re clever, and they’re making their mark on the world. No, this isn’t a case of chimpanzees rising up and running amok through the city; in fact, my subject isn’t even a real-life being. Who is it? Why, it’s the savvy chatbot. If you haven’t yet heard of the chatbot, let me
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Found Careers: The ‘Tinder for Jobs’ app that will change the way you hire

Looking for staff? Say goodbye to complicated job search platforms and badly formatted CV’s, and say hello to ‘Found Careers!’ Voted by 15-29 year olds as the #1 most useful job platform in Australia, ‘Found Careers,’ is a revolutionary app that takes the hassle out of hiring and applying. “But we’ve already got job seeker
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The Tinder-inspired Networking app for Entrepreneurial Women!

“Being an entrepreneur is isolating at times. Our friends and family don’t understand why we put in the long hours, money and energy into something we know will make a difference in this world. The craft takes time. The building takes time. The success takes time. BUT the journey doesn’t have to be lonely.” –
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This Week in Digital

As our weekly blog feature, we take a look at what’s been making news and what’s caught our eye in the ever evolving world of digital marketing and all that it entails. Stay on top of what matters and make sure you follow the links to the full articles so you can learn in detail
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What Marketing in 2016 Will Deliver for Businesses

Inevitably as we draw closer to the conclusion of 2015 and the excitement and promise of a new year, people within each respective industry want to know what predictions the experts have come up with. As we discussed in our article for B&T which takes a look back at the year of 2015, mobile marketing
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Surely YouTube and a Music App go hand-in-hand, right?

So who wants to download a new music app by YouTube that doesn’t allow you to create your own playlists? *crickets chirping* hhmmm that’s what I thought. Last time I looked, Google had three different music platforms. They have YouTube Red, Google Play Music and Google Play Store. So when Google announced YouTube Music the
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Google April 21st Update – The News You Need to Know PART III

The recent update will mean that Google is now displaying apps in search results for all mobile devices and will be able to crawl these apps in more detail than ever before. It means the amount of information Google can extract from these apps will equal greater relevant results for users. Google released some information in a recent
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