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Surely YouTube and a Music App go hand-in-hand, right?

So who wants to download a new music app by YouTube that doesn’t allow you to create your own playlists? *crickets chirping* hhmmm that’s what I thought. Last time I looked, Google had three different music platforms. They have YouTube Red, Google Play Music and Google Play Store. So when Google announced YouTube Music the other week, you’re not alone if you were left wondering ‘why?!’. YouTube Red and YouTube Music are not yet available in Australia, but are we’re missing out? There have been mixed reviews.

We’ve all done it; hopped on YouTube and searched for a really old song we’re dying to hear, or looked for one of Miley’s latest songs to see what outrageous thing she has done in her music video clip this time round. So while we like to use YouTube to listen to music, we also use YouTube because we like the video content, and we don’t just watch. We like, share, comment and subscribe. People really engage with the content on YouTube, and they have complete control of what they want to watch and listen to.

YouTube Music is a little different. Through the use of an algorithm, the new app is designed to create an entirely personalised music journey based on what you like and what you have browsed. YouTube are pushing the new app as a whole new discovery platform for artists and users. With so many aspiring singers, bands and entertainers owning their own channels and uploading content, YouTube Music allows them to be heard to a potentially brand new audience of listeners. For users, there is a free and paid version. The paid version is an extra when you subscribe to YouTube Red. Perhaps YouTube Music is just a ploy to get more people paying to subscribe to YouTube Red?

There are three tabs on the main dashboard of the app; ‘My Station’, and then two tabs dedicated to particular genres. You click on one and you are thrown into the mix of what YouTube are hoping will be an endless music adventure. When you finally select a song to play, you can see what you are currently playing and an explore tab, which collates as much related music content it can find in relation to what you are listening to. There is also a tab dedicated to trending music and up and coming music.

The result… seems to be somewhat underwhelming. Is YouTube Music really doing anything that one of the three music platforms already out weren’t doing? To be sure, we will have to wait until they release YouTube Red and YouTube Music in Australia, but as it stands, I am yet to be sold on the idea. From a marketing perspective however, does the free version of the app produce a whole new platform for those who utilise Google AdWords to advertise on? It will be very interesting to see how this develops! What do you think of the latest music app by YouTube? Interested in advertising on YouTube? Then get in touch with the talented team at SponsoredLinX to learn how on 1300 859 600.