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“I Can’t Find My Ads on Google”

When investing in AdWords many businesses are keen to see if their ads are working. We set up our campaigns and make them live, suitably chuffed with ourselves. We open Google in another tab, type in a keyword breathe deep and hit enter fully expecting to be top of the page with the ad copy we wrote shining like the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. Instead we see our competitors and we are enraged!

The 5 Most Common AdWords Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The hair on the back of your neck bristles with anticipation, your fingertips are electrified, your breathing is deep and fast, your excitement barely contained as your legs shake knowing that this is the beginning of a new AdWords journey.

Your AdWords Manager – The Top Ten Qualities

One of the best things about your AdWords Manager is that they work for SponsoredLinX. This may come across as self serving, but it has to be said. As a company we are at the cutting edge of online marketing. Imagine a floor of intelligent and creative minds with expert knowledge of the AdWords system researching the latest products and sharing the latest innovations amongst each other with the goal of increasing their clients’ profit, in a variety of different industries. That’s SponsoredLinX.
These are the best bits of SponsoredLinX, and the results will show you that. Right now you’re here to find out if your AdWords Manager stacks up. So I’ll start again . . .

Online Offense

A General in the trenches, cut off from his sources of intelligence and reconnaissance, is in the same predicament as the grunt soldier, a grueling and grinding psychological torment with no assurance of victory and a likelihood of defeat. A General with full scope of the battlefield, a spy plane gathering intel on enemy position in relation to his own troops and a strategy to identify weaknesses and strengths, once again in relation to his own troops, is a General about to win the war.

“AdWords: It’s Just not Intuitive”

I hear this every so often from some of my clients, a sense of desperation when attempting to deal with the Google Adwords system. And while I don’t think Google set out to make navigation of the system difficult, on the contrary, I believe they attempted to make it as accessible to everyone as possible, I understand why it would seem this way to many clients.

Having Definitive Online Marketing Goals

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” -Tony Robbins Online marketing is not magic. There is no switch to flick that creates success. If there was we’d all be jet setting across the globe in our private Airbus A380s. As in life, online marketing requires hard work, discipline, dedication.
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The Future Is Here…

William Gibson, an author in the Sci Fi genre, has said, “the future is here, it is just unevenly distributed”.