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“AdWords: It’s Just not Intuitive”

“It’s just not intuitive!”

I hear this every so often from some of my clients, a sense of desperation when attempting to deal with the Google Adwords system. And while I don’t think Google set out to make navigation of the system difficult, on the contrary, I believe they attempted to make it as accessible to everyone as possible, I understand why it would seem this way to many clients.
You see, Adwords has many, many features. It has features that allow everyone, from the multimillion dollar company with a marketing budget that could rival the GDP of a small nation to the one man band who operates in a niche market on a shoestring budget, to reach their target audience. When we realise the extent Google has gone to in order to accommodate as many different types of businesses as possible, we start to realise why Adwords (and other Google Apps like Analytics) can sometimes feel difficult to navigate.
Especially when you have a business to run.
There are employees to manage, bills to pay, clients to woo and of course, your personal life to consider. Spending hours on the internet researching best practice while staying on the right side of Google Policy is one of the reasons why many companies hire someone dedicated to online marketing. There is never a truer truism than on Google when it relates to the difference between spending money, and spending money to make money. A tiny detail, such as the method of targeting, or the title of an ad, can mean showing in the right position at the right price for the right target market. And often it is these tiny details that I deal with day in, day out, that are missed when a client is attempting to juggle the chainsaws of business that require focus.
So while I, the guy who works on the Google AdWords system as my primary speciality, think Google is intuitive, I can understand why some might think otherwise. With my adeptness of AdWords and your extensive knowledge of your business, we can work together to make a successful AdWords account.