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Maximise youtube for your small business
Tips & Tricks – Utilising YouTube For Small Businesses!

Traditionally speaking, if you were looking for big exposure for your brand product or business you’d take out a newspaper ad or create a TV commercial. However, it’s 2017, not 2007, and digital marketing on social media sites like Facebook or YouTube has taken over.  In a recent study conducted by of 295 global
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3 ways Google is changing how we shop and travel

There are a whole lot of new features coming to Google AdWords, and as you can expect, it’s bound to revolutionise the way we shop and advertise. Dedicated smart filters for hotel searches, price tracking for flights, and even interactive shopping banners for YouTube – there are huge opportunities coming for both consumers and advertisers!
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You Tube ‘Bumper Ads’

Snackable Videos Are On the Menu This year marks a milestone year for internet usage set to topple 1 Zettabyte (1 Trillion Gigabytes) by the end of 2016. It seems we have become extremely efficient at consuming huge volumes of data from an almost infinite number of services worldwide, but one of our favourite choices
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SEO for YouTube

3 Quick Tips Most of us in the SEO industry spend a lot of time developing strategies around the Google search algorithm and not much time is spent worrying about others. With YouTube being the second largest search engine it’s important to understand how that algorithm differs from Google to get the most out of
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How to layer your marketing One of the modern classics in cinema has been, in my opinion, Inception. Let’s not worry about if you got it first time around or not, the key take away from the movie was that different levels of consciousness are contained with-in people. This has led to the catch phrase
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Surely YouTube and a Music App go hand-in-hand, right?

So who wants to download a new music app by YouTube that doesn’t allow you to create your own playlists? *crickets chirping* hhmmm that’s what I thought. Last time I looked, Google had three different music platforms. They have YouTube Red, Google Play Music and Google Play Store. So when Google announced YouTube Music the
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The Making of the Famous Christmas Advert

Video Content Just Got Better It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, the Holiday season is well and truly with us and one of my favourite past times has been watching (and re-watching) all of the Christmas adverts released by big brands around the world.  My eager anticipation for the commercials, which are
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The Link Between Google & YouTube

What It Means For Retailers and Consumers If you are an avid online shopper, you’ve been in the situation where you absolutely need an item and the ones in-store don’t cut it. For me, it’s the new stainless steel water bottle that’s Bisphennol-A (BPA) free. You go on Google, research it, watch a few YouTube
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The Year of YouTube

When it comes to search volume it might surprise a lot of people to know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world behind Google. With over 3 Billion searches on YouTube every month it’s no surprise that in 2006 Google purchased YouTube for $1.65billion. Even with this incredible statistic many digital
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How To Create Unskippable Ads

Have you ever clicked a link to watch a movie trailer you have been super interested to see, only to be faced with an advertisement that you are forced to watch the first five seconds of before you can press skip? I know it happens to me, but every now and again there is an
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