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How To Create Unskippable Ads

Have you ever clicked a link to watch a movie trailer you have been super interested to see, only to be faced with an advertisement that you are forced to watch the first five seconds of before you can press skip? I know it happens to me, but every now and again there is an advertisement which catches my attention. When this happens, with my mouse hovering over the skip button, I find myself watching the advertisement in its entirety. What is it about these advertisements which stops me in my tracks and stops me from pressing skip?

The ‘Think with Google’ newsletter recently released an article about the ‘skippable’ habit of today’s users, and how advertisers can overcome it. With no text-book or strict set of rules to help people create visual ads that people won’t press ‘skip’ for, there has certainly been an element of luck involved in being about the create an unskippable ad. However, even though there are no set rules, there are definitely patterns which exist in those ads which are able to survive the skip test.

  • Ditch the branded logo… at least only include when you absolutely have to, like at the end of the advertisement. When users recognise a brand’s logo, they disengage from the advertisement. Whereas if the logo placement is left until the very end of the advertisement, users are more likely to watch it in its entirety as they’re still playing a ‘guess who’ game as to what the ad is actually about and who it belongs to.
  • Are you funny? Then let it translate into your visual ad! People are much more likely to engage with ads the find funny. However, not all of us were blessed with a comedy streak. If that’s true, or if you’re struggling to think of anything funny you can associate with your business’s products or services, then try an emotive appeal.
  • Music still lies in the balance, as Google’s ‘Unskippable Labs’, found out. Some ads work with it, while others don’t. There still seems to be some way to go when it comes to if you should include music, and if so, what.

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What seems to be successful though is presenting an ad which doesn’t feel like an ad. This is when people become engaged with what your brand is trying to portray. If you’re interested in creating ads for YouTube, speak to your SponsoredLinX Client Manager today on 1300 859 600, or visit our website, to develop an unskippable ad strategy.