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Would You Trust Facebook Chatbots To Order Your Pizza?

  They’re strong, they’re clever, and they’re making their mark on the world. No, this isn’t a case of chimpanzees rising up and running amok through the city; in fact, my subject isn’t even a real-life being. Who is it? Why, it’s the savvy chatbot. If you haven’t yet heard of the chatbot, let me
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The Tinder-inspired Networking app for Entrepreneurial Women!

“Being an entrepreneur is isolating at times. Our friends and family don’t understand why we put in the long hours, money and energy into something we know will make a difference in this world. The craft takes time. The building takes time. The success takes time. BUT the journey doesn’t have to be lonely.” –
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What Pokemon Go can teach us about ‘how to catch em all’ (customers that is!)

Have you noticed an increase in people walking around town lately, staring with dedicated concentration at their smart phones? Maybe yelling with excitement, or screaming with disappointment? You’d be forgiven for thinking that perhaps they’ve just received a really great (or disappointing) email. But the reality? They’re probably just looking for Pokemon. Welcome to ‘Pokemon
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“Maybe DIY wasn’t the best idea…” – What would your website say if it could talk?

Building your own website can seem like the smartest option when you’re budgeting your hard earned cash. But if you’re not careful, it can also create more issues for you later on. Below, we give you the top five questions your website would ask you if it could, and uncover some of the biggest mistakes
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Technology Advancements in PPC Advertising

The technology you never knew you couldn’t live without! Think back 10 years ago… Nobody even knew what an iPhone was back then. We were all living in our worlds of bulky desk computers, heavy suitcase sized laptops and phones that were just that; phones. In the last decade technology has advanced so much that
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