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Content Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

A recent study by Google found that over 65% of people turn to the Internet to answer questions and concerns about their health. Surprisingly this figure is much higher than those who actually consulted their physician at only 53%. These numbers demonstrate that there is a huge opportunity for practitioners to establish a relationship with prospective patients online – aiding confidence in the path to conversion.

Get more engagement with Video

The further along we get into 2014, we are having to find even more ways to interact with customers digitally. Social media platforms are great for gaining insights into how customers interact with brands & products, now more than ever. These insights often lead to new and exciting ways of engaging with customers and getting them to interact with new products & promotions.

How One Girl Gave the Internet Hope

It’s been a long time since we (as users of the internet) have felt like all is not lost in the world because of a selfie. A project done by British university student Rebecca Brown as done just that. Starting in 2007,at the age of 15, Brown began taking a picture of herself every day. This took place for the next 6 and a half years. The subsequent time lapse video, shows Brown’s face change even as her expression and eyes stay the same, whilst the backgrounds shift behind her.

Why Google Wants What It Wants In 2014: Part 3 – Link Profile

If you’ve been keeping up on this 5 part blog series (and I’d strongly recommend you read parts 1 & 2 for context if you haven’t) then you’ll be aware that we’ve been talking a lot about what is now meant by “content” and why it has been given such value as part of the
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