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How to layer your marketing

One of the modern classics in cinema has been, in my opinion, Inception. Let’s not worry about if you got it first time around or not, the key take away from the movie was that different levels of consciousness are contained with-in people. This has led to the catch phrase “a dream within a dream”.

This type of thinking can be taken to your digital marketing when building campaigns. How does a dream within a dream apply here? We need to layer your thinking and your marketing. Let’s call it Ad-Ception.

When you are a small business in the market, marketing funds are tight, so keywords are chosen to have the best chance of conversion.  If you are service based, a keyword like ‘emergency plumber near me’ would be an example, rather than ‘plumbers opening hours’. There is more intent to purchase on the first keyword, which is likely to lead to a conversion.

Let’s look at selling a product, as the marketing changes depending on the consumer buying cycle.

22.12.15 blog image

We need to look at layering our keywords to match the buying cycle.

After doing a quick search on ‘Toy trends’ on Google, I was able to find that with the release of Jurassic World, ‘dinosaur toys’ are back on kids’ minds.

‘Dinosaur Toys’ is exactly the type of keyword you would expect to see in the ‘awareness’ stage of the buying cycle. From here a good landing page and good quality content will engage your audience.

When someone visits this page, you could set up a remarketing list, which would ‘tag’ anyone who read the ‘dinosaur toy’ information page, but had converted, to see ads for dinosaur toys when they are elsewhere on the Internet. During this stage, we should look to broader terms such as, ‘Toy trends 2015’, or ‘Toys kids want for Christmas’. We should also look at trying to bring some exposure to our message. The use of display adverts and YouTube advertising can be very cost effective.

Once an interest has been generated, we move to the next part of the buying cycle. The keywords will change and the website needs to move with it.

We are now looking around for information; I would look for ‘Jurassic world toys’. My search page is now full of shopping ads, and search ads. This time around, I am going to click on a YouTube video that goes through a current range of toys, to see what the range includes.

 *Quick Tip* If you are going to bid at this stage of the buying cycle, you might experience a low conversion rate. If you find this happening, make sure you are conservative with your bids to keep your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) down.

The digital marketer needs to know where your traffic is coming from. Here, I watched a YouTube video, containing several videos about the range of Jurassic world toys. There should be video product cards to prompt the user to buy the toys they are seeing. The video needs to have calls to action, to either watch more content or to visit the website. Everyone who watches your videos can be put into a remarketing list, so you don’t lose them in the online abyss.

The next stage, the desire stage, must see keywords change again, and now we should be looking to go in for the kill. Remember you might not get many people to this part of the buying cycle, so it is important to treat them like gold. After doing my research, I know exactly what product I want.

My next Google search is for ‘Indominus Rex Lego Jurassic world’. This search is very specific to the product, but it is lacking any action or commitment. When I did this search, I only saw pictures, videos and a link to the official Lego store. From here I am very well qualified and likely to purchase as I am clued up with what I want.

In my journey, I go to the official Lego store and note that I wasn’t searching for the right product. The official name is Indominus Rex Breakout from Lego. Instore the price is $179.99. This is a situation that many of us have been in, either instore or online shopping. Google calls this a Micro-Moment.

In store, you might see something you like, but you want to quickly check online that you are buying for a good price, or to make sure the product has good reviews. Online, you might be looking for a coupon, or if a competitor has the product cheaper.

Back to my online journey, I open another tab, and search for buy Indominus Rex Breakout free shipping Australia. Now you will note the intent with this search. Two search listings come up, the Lego official store and Target Australia. Target Australia has a 5 star rating, and very clearly lists free shipping for orders over $75. What a great match! Now I get the product I want, without having to pay for postage. I now complete this purchase.

Think back along this journey, how did my behaviours change? Do you have the content and keywords to capture people and keep them engaged with your brand? Your search term reports can be very good market research for your brand. If you note that you have a lot of people looking for free shipping, try and offer it as a point of difference. Also know where your customers are in the buying cycle when they search and adjust how much you are willing to spend to bring them to your website. Each layer you dig down deeper the more important it becomes.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get this right first go, there are many clues along the way. Layer your online marketing strategy with SponsoredLinX now! Call 1300 859 600.