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SEO for YouTube

3 Quick Tips

Most of us in the SEO industry spend a lot of time developing strategies around the Google search algorithm and not much time is spent worrying about others. With YouTube being the second largest search engine it’s important to understand how that algorithm differs from Google to get the most out of your video SEO efforts.

First and foremost content is still king. The algorithm isn’t yet sophisticated enough to interpret the actual video content in a meaningful way so it needs some content to read. The description field, title and other tags are all there to give us the opportunity to tell the algorithm what the video is about. Make sure to be detailed and clear so YouTube can display your video to the right searches.

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Secondly, backlinks don’t carry weight in the same way they do for websites so the indicators of popularity the YouTube algorithm is looking for are subscriptions and likes-based. Make sure you encourage people to like and subscribe in the video to help drive your video’s performance.

Finally don’t ignore the fact that Google still is the largest search engine. What I mean is one of the best ways to promote your YouTube videos is to get them visible on Google. When picking keywords to optimise your video content for, have a look at what keywords generate video search results in a Google search and try to target those. This has the obvious benefit of visibility but the increased traffic will further help with your YouTube rankings as well!

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