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3 ways Google is changing how we shop and travel

There are a whole lot of new features coming to Google AdWords, and as you can expect, it’s bound to revolutionise the way we shop and advertise. Dedicated smart filters for hotel searches, price tracking for flights, and even interactive shopping banners for YouTube – there are huge opportunities coming for both consumers and advertisers!

Shopping on YouTube

Now – this is something that I can really see working for advertisers!  

We already know that YouTube is a huge platform with incredible persuasion when it comes to purchasing, so it makes sense to introduce shopping on the platform (47% of the US population revealed that at least once per month, Youtube helps them decide on purchases).

For example, imagine watching a video from your favourite fitness expert, as they go through a tutorial on how to increase your energy and stamina. Now imagine seeing a slider bar underneath that video, featuring the exact products, workout book and shoes they’re discussing in the video. Handy right?

Welcome to Youtube’s new companion banner!

Appearing next to the video, this interactive banner will allow you to scroll through products while the video is playing. Not only is it an easier way for your customer to purchase, but it’s also the perfect way to convince them that they should totally purchase your product today!

Flight trackers and Hotel Filters – Travel simplified!

According to Google’s AdWords team, mobile travel and shopping searches have risen nearly 30% year-over-year across their network, while travel mobile conversion rates have grown by 10%. These days, by the time we head to the travel site on our mobile, we’re most likely ready to book.  

One of Google’s newest shopping/travel search features, is the hotel smart filter. Essentially, the feature will allow travelers to find a hotel that meets their specific needs, directly from their mobile search (eg. pet friendly hotel in Brisbane under $200 per night). Currently available in the US, the feature is set to roll out globally later this year.

Google AdWords have also announced that they are introducing a ‘track flights’ feature. Now this one is really exciting, because if you’re anything like me, you’ve got much better things to do than continually go back and forth between multiple websites to see when the best time to fly is.

No more will you have to do this! With the new ‘Google Flights’ feature, you’ll now have the option to track flight prices from your search results. When prices increase or decrease significantly for your travel destination, you’ll then receive an email or ‘Google Now card’ to let you know.


The Google AdWords team have announced that this feature will roll out “over the course of the next few weeks in all 26 countries where Google Flights is available.”

With the increased simplicity in booking travel from our smartphones, you can’t help but wonder: could this spell the end for brick and mortar travel agents?

According to some it’s a possibility, but the good news is that creativity and originality can save just about any business these days. That said, the travel industry truly will need to get their thinking caps on.  


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