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Your AdWords Manager – The Top Ten Qualities

One of the best things about your AdWords Manager is that they work for SponsoredLinX. This may come across as self serving, but it has to be said. As a company we are at the cutting edge of online marketing. Imagine a floor of intelligent and creative minds with expert knowledge of the AdWords system researching the latest products and sharing the latest innovations amongst each other with the goal of increasing their clients’ profit, in a variety of different industries. That’s SponsoredLinX.
These are the best bits of SponsoredLinX, and the results will show you that. Right now you’re here to find out if your AdWords Manager stacks up. So I’ll start again . . .

1. They enjoy their work

This is a given for any job, really, but in a fast paced industry like Online Marketing, it is a must. How can you deal with pressure in a meaningful way if you don’t enjoy it?

2. They Keep cool under pressure
As per the previous point, an AdWords Manager that enjoys their job is most likely to deal efficiently with the ever-changing landscape of AdWords coupled with the multitude of shifting requirements of the client.

3. Clear communicator & good rapport
Business 101. There needs to be accurate and helpful information shared between you and your AdWords manager, made possible through a healthy working partnership.

4. They focus on increasing your revenue rather than just your clicks
Anyone can increase your clicks, you can do it yourself. Just increase your budget and add broad keywords, easy. But increasing revenue is the key and you want someone that is honing in on the winning formula that results in sales of your product/ service for the lowest cost per acquisition.

5. They can clearly and simply articulate the purpose of any of the stats
Now, I’m not comparing myself to Albert Einstein (although I think we’d have been pretty good mates back in the day), however, I do regard highly the ability to be able to explain the fundamentals of the AdWords system so that even the most technologically illiterate person in the world would understand. I’ve found the best way to achieve this is to think of how I would explain it to my father, who I’m pretty sure holds the title of ‘Most Technologically Illiterate Person Ever’.
The more you understand about what your AdWords Manager is trying to achieve, the more confidence you have in their ability.

6. They provide top level service
If you write an email, you receive a reply. If you call, your call is either answered, or you receive a call back as soon as possible. You make a request and it is actioned. All in a reasonable amount of time.

7. They challenge you
A quality AdWords Manager is not a “yes man”. They do not immediately acquiesce to your every whim. This may seem to be at odds with my previous point, but it is not. Your AdWords Manager should be so confident in their skills that using their extensive experience and knowledge, if they think something you adamantly want is going to be detrimental to your campaign, they will tell you and not be afraid to back it up.

8. They give you homework
I remember school. Homework was that thing they made you do that studies have shown is not all that vital in the development of a student. But this isn’t school, this is your business. Homework is 100% essential in developing your business. You know this, I know this. The only people that don’t know this are those not in business.

Some homework examples an AdWords Manager will request:

  • Putting Conversion code on your website to track lead quantity, or analytics code, or re-marketing.
  • Graphic design and/ or brand development.
  • Monitoring in detail the quality of leads. Include the reason why they were good or bad. Vital to an Adwords campaign.
  • Search query report review.
  • Competitor analysis from the business owner’s perspective.

9. They are proactive
You receive a phone call seemingly out of the blue, your AdWords Manager informs you of the work they have performed or of pending updates to the system that may affect your business. They delve into the workings of your business to anticipate and prepare as much as possible. You find that they call you prior to you realising there is an issue at all in the first place.

10. They are part of your team
You see your AdWords Manager as a value adding commodity rather than an expense.

Your AdWords Manager needs to be creative and intelligent to tie all these qualities in together. It would probably help if he or she also wrote incredibly engaging articles like this one. I look forward to working with you.