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This Week in Digital

As our weekly blog feature, we take a look at what’s been making news and what’s caught our eye in the ever evolving world of digital marketing and all that it entails. Stay on top of what matters and make sure you follow the links to the full articles so you can learn in detail the marketing headlines your business needs to take note of. This week…

  • In the developing world, users with a smartphone have access to millions of apps. As a result, entrepreneurs have been able to create what is known as the app economy and it is booming! The great app divide comes into play when we shift our gaze to Sub-Saharan Africa. For users, and developers, the playing field is dramatically different and this is largely due to the problems with international payments. Governments, financial institutions and the private sector must work together in these countries to fix these issues.


  • Google are getting serious about VR (virtual reality). In an executive shift, product management president Clay Bavor will now be focusing on the increasing popular platform. Google recently invested in ‘Magic Leap’ (a mere $542 million to be exact) an augmented reality (AR) company, but the shift to VR is easy to see. With more time, money, management and development going into VR, platforms we already use on a daily basis (think YouTube) could greatly benefit – watch this space!
  • Have you heard of Peach? No, not the fruit…. Okay, we’re talking about a new social app and everyone seems to be going a little ‘peachy’ over it. In short, Peach lets you connect with other friends who are on Peach. You then get a feed of your friends, and your friends will see your updates in their feed. But to go a bit deeper, you really need to check out the video here.