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SponsoredLinX Launch ‘LinX’ – World’s First AdWords & Facebook Campaign App!

Queensland entrepreneur Ben Bradshaw has today celebrated the launch of a revolutionary new digital advertising app, designed to help small to medium businesses more efficiently navigate the world of digital media.

Launched through his digital marketing agency SponsoredLinX, Mr Bradshaw said ‘LinX’ was one of his most exciting achievements to date.

“Our app is without a doubt most revolutionary thing we’ve ever done. There’s no other app like this in the world, it’s truly a world first,” he shared.

“It was a few years ago when we first had the idea for a product that would revolutionise the way small to medium businesses interact with digital media, and we knew this app would be a game changer.”

Unlike traditional AdWords accounts which require a PC login, the LinX app allows clients to access their campaign data on the go—no matter the place, or time of day. It also provides clients with a user-friendly option for syncing and downloading their data, and presents insights, leads and information in one place.

Mr Bradshaw says the app is all about dramatically improving the client experience.

“50% of clients don’t track their leads, and that’s a real concern. The fantastic thing about LinX is that clients don’t even have to login to their emails to check for new leads—they see them straight away through the app’s push notifications, which makes things so much easier.”

SponsoredLinX - LinX app SponsoredLinX - LinX app SponsoredLinX - LinX app

SponsoredLinX - LinX app SponsoredLinX - LinX app SponsoredLinX - LinX app

Available via download from the Apple or Android store, and free for current SponsoredLinX Facebook/ AdWords clients, LinX also provides clients with access to their Facebook dashboard, and—among many other features—the ability to contact their campaign manager in just one click.

Along with the launch of LinX, the company are also celebrating the release of their Facebook Training Leads service, which aims to assist small to medium businesses with more targeted leads and conversions.

In particular, the service also offers clients the ability to access leads in real time, achieve higher quality leads, retarget interested customers, and more easily track leads across multiple devices.

“There’s nothing we’ve released in the past that’s even close to making the sort of impact that LinX and Facebook Lead Training ads will,” said Mr Bradshaw.

“It’s a very exciting time!”

Bradshaw, who began his journey into the realm of digital marketing over a decade ago, has since become a multi-award winning entrepreneur, author, and prominent marketing figure who is often featured across Australian media.

Through SponsoredLinX, Bradshaw and his digital marketing team have helped over 10,000 clients during the past 10 years, including the likes of Ray White, Mr Toys Toyworld, and Chubb Technologies.


LinX can be downloaded via iTunes or the Google Play Store.