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The Google App that dethroned Pokemon Go

It’s a day I thought I’d never see…PokemonGo dethroned by a Google App. While the augmented reality is currently still within the top 5 apps on Google Play, it seems that our minds are ever so slightly pulling back from the wonder that is PokemonGo. So what is the app that snuck its way into Google Play’s top spot just two days after its release?

Google Duo

Originally revealed at Google’s 2016 I/O event, Google Duo is essentially their version of Facetime – only different. And while you may wonder what all the fuss is about when we have some great “all in one” apps like Skype and Messenger, just stick with me. There are four very good reasons!

Knock-knock, who’s there?

One of the standout features praised in Google Duo, is its sneak peek ‘knock knock’ feature; allowing you to see a live stream of the person who is calling you. This is very much an emotional feature, and one that Google have intentionally added in order to encourage people to connect and talk more often. I mean, how much easier is it to ignore a call from someone when all you see is their number or a tiny thumbnail image? Not so easy however, when you can see a live stream of your friend/partner/customer on the other end waiting for you to pick up!

It’s interesting to think of how the app could impact on our day to day lives in a business sense. For example, imagine you’re sitting in the office waiting to hear from a business partner about a new deal you’re closing, when all of a sudden, your phone rings. Looking down at your phone, you immediately see a live stream of your partner’s excited face beaming down the line at you. Incredibly personal, isn’t it?

Alternatively – on that note – if you can see the angry scowl of a customer coming down the line at you, it could be a good warning to prepare and put your best ‘customer service’ face on! (haha).

Automatic Wifi and Data Switching

How many times have you taken a Facetime call via WiFi (in the office or home), only to have to end the call early because you were about to leave a WiFi zone? Annoying isn’t it! Well, thanks to Google this frustrating little quirk is about to become a thing of the past. With Google Duo, the app can switch seamlessly between WiFi and data, depending on network strength, so that you don’t lose connection. Brilliant!  

Android – iPhone compatible

Unlike Facetime, Google Duo can be used by both Android and iPhone users, meaning that you can call pretty much anyone in your contacts!

No need for Google or Facebook accounts

Unlike Messenger, or Skype, there’s no need to sign up to an account or link yourself to a profile in order to use Google Duo – just select a phone number from your contacts and you’re set to go!

At the end of the day, Google Duo is a simple yet brilliant app that will change the way you answer and make calls. At just over 10MB it takes up a relatively small amount of space on your device and has proven to be well worth the download. Check it out!