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Google April 21st Update – The News You Need to Know PART III

The recent update will mean that Google is now displaying apps in search results for all mobile devices and will be able to crawl these apps in more detail than ever before. It means the amount of information Google can extract from these apps will equal greater relevant results for users. Google released some information in a recent blog of theirs and stated that since 26th February, Google has been using, “… information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. As a result, we [Google] may now surface content from indexed apps more prominently in search” (Google Webmaster Blog, 2015). It will also equal greater interaction with Google Play, which is Google’s app store. With Google crawling apps, they have made them (apps) even more valuable for businesses. But, not every business needs an app, but if business owners can think of a useful app that would help their bottom line, then it could really get them ahead of the competition. A great interactive and engaging app is achievable with the right partners involved, so business owners must do the necessary research to see if this is a path worth travelling.

If your business already has an app, make sure it’s of a high quality, as Mariya Moeva, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, “announced at SMX West that Google will be considering “high quality” apps to be a positive ranking factor in mobile search” (Krum, 2015).  Also keep in mind that Google are doing this for a bit of their own benefit. They’re driving traffic to Google Play, which will of course give them the opportunity to market and advertise a plethora of Google products and content through the platform.

There are always changes going on at Google, and the April 21st update wasn’t the only thing you needed to know about. If you have Google Shopping set-up within your AdWords account, or you are looking into expanding your ecommerce sales, then listen up! From the 4th May Google will require all clients who have Google Shopping to provide shipping rates for all products targeting Australia. It means greater transparency in regards to shipping prices for users who purchase goods through Google Shopping.

But updates from Google are something we are used to here at SponsoredLinX. One of the eariler updates of course, was the Google Pigeon update which was rolled out in Australia in the 22nd December 2014. It was aimed at giving users more exact and authentic local search results. The main point here is that your business has dealt with previous updates by Google, and it will continue to deal with updates by Google. The April 21st update, while a major update, is also something your business will deal with, and with the right help, your business will weather the update storm like any other.

And if you had been wondering who and which devices are now directly impacted by the update, then we have that information for you too! For many, mobile optimisation encompasses a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and other internet connected devices. However, Google have specifically stated via their Webmasters Twitter account that “The upcoming mobile-friendly change is for mobile users, not tablet users” (Google Webmasters Twitter, 2015).

What this does though is provide even more evidence that updating your website so that you deliver a mobile-friendly experience is increasingly crucial to your organic mobile search listings. So get in touch with our Digital Strategy Team here at SponsoredLinX and learn exactly what you need to do for your business, or risk being left behind. Call us on 1300 859 600, or visit our website here.