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Facebook Slashes Post Reach – How to Keep Reaching Your Audience

As we explored in my last blog, Facebook have tightened their newsfeed algorithm reducing the organic reach of your posts (i.e the number of your ‘likers’ who actually see your posts).

This week it was confirmed that Facebook are looking at reducing this organic reach to 1-2% of your audience…ouch!  This means up to 99% of your hard-earned likers may not see your posts at all.

You’ve invested time and money in growing your page, so what do you do to counteract this?

To answer this question, it is prudent to understand their motives behind this.  A cynic will state it is so they can increase revenue through page and post boosting.  Facebook will state it is to improve the user experience, and to reduce the amount of low quality content in news feeds.  The truth is they are both correct.  If users feel every time they log on they are bombarded with advertising, then they will use the service less, which of course nobody wants.  Also, Facebook is a business, not a charity, and it is not unreasonable to expect businesses to pay for advertising.

To keep ahead of these changes and keep your page working for you, it is important to look at your Facebook strategy.  As these changes won’t flow down to smaller pages for at least a couple of months, it is important to build as many likes as you can.  From there, you will need to re-evaluate how you spend your Facebook advertising budget.  A combination of strategies, such as a weekly Call-To-Action post boosted through the Ad Manager will ensure critical promotional posts are still reaching the masses.  Consistent engagement posts are more critical than ever.

Managed correctly, small business have a great opportunity to capitalise on the fact there will be less competition in news feeds, leading to greater exposure for your brand.

If you are an existing SponsoredLinX Facebook client, talk to your Client Manager to devise a strategy for your page.  To find out more about how SponsoredLinX can help you through this period, contact one of our consultants on 1300 859 600.