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Office Story: The game in which you develop games

For this week’s app, I had a look at Office Story. This is a game in which you try to turn a small garage start-up into an international conglomerate. Your small start-up is a mobile development company which has to be flexible as the market fluctuates and changes, much like it would in real life.

Office Story was originally released in 2013 to moderate success that has kept it from falling out of the App Store’s charts and fading into obscurity like so many other games before it. It can be a bit slow and repetitive in it’s story line; but there were many good points to it as well. The ads weren’t intrusive at all which was a nice change and there were no nasty surprises.

The game essentially played out like the Sims for business and it often left me wondering as I slowly played through the game whether a sense of irony ever came over the game’s developers as they made a game about a company making games. It’s quite meta when you think about it.