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Weekly Round Up: This Week in Australian Business

1. Recently Reddit announced it’s plans to slowly move towards monetising its services through advertising.

2. Russian fraudsters use ‘GoodGoogle’ (a fake black hat seo service) to exhaust Adwords advertising funds.

3. A recent study found that readers don’t trust sponsored content. Ironically this was revealed via a sponsored content post.

4. Google purchased video streaming service ‘Twitch’ for $1 billion to use alongside Youtube in their plan to become a broadcast network of sites and cloud services that can only be supported by Google fiber; thus effectively monopolising the market.

5. Facebook and Uber have entered into discussions to integrate the car service into Facebook’s messenger app.

6. Twitter’s shares have skyrocketed, again!

7. Snapchat’s global reach has also skyrocketed with it becoming the number one app download in 13 countries this week.

8. Teen’s are engaging in a terrifying new trend, in which they set themselves on fire to become internet famous on Youtube and Vine. #extremelystupid #don’ttrythisathome

9. In a big win for Australian start-ups the tax arrangements that surrounding employee share schemes are to be axed by the current government.

10. Google’s new pigeon update may soon affect local search results for small businesses. Check out this post for more info.