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Easy SEO Tips for 2017  

Revising your blog headlines, anchoring text and adding alt tags. 

Ready to start the New Year with some off-the-charts SEO results? Of course you are! But if you’re already groaning at the thought of all the hard work to come, I’m here to tell you – it doesn’t have to be so. In fact, it could be as simple as revising some of your old blog headlines! Below, we share three easy SEO tips for 2017 that could have your rankings soaring!

Give Your Headlines a Fresh Coat of Paint

How long have you been writing company blogs or articles for? If it’s been more than a couple of months (or years), chances are your writing skills have improved immensely – so why not give your old content a new spin?

Have a scroll through previous blog content and ask yourself, ‘could this headline be more succinct? Does it utilise my SEO keyword? Is there perhaps a better keyword search term I could have used for this article?’ Give it some thought, and adjust as necessary. It might be the missing key to higher readership and rankings.

Are Your Image Alt-Tags Looking a Bit Lonely?
Lionel Richie - your SEO guru!

“Hello, is it alt-tags you’re looking for?”

The answer should be, ‘why yes Lionel Richie, it is!’ After all, without alt-tags, your content images will be feeling pretty lonely – and nobody likes being the kid that no one wants to play with! Show your images some love and let people find them by remembering to fill in your alt-tag captions.

For example, if you’re writing a blog about your ultimate list of Lionel Richie memes, be sure to pop your keywords (perhaps ‘best Lionel Richie memes’) into the alt-tag box. You should always aim for descriptive words that will help search engines find your image – and direct people to your blog.

Anchor that Text Correctly!

When you hyperlink to another page, do you think about your use of anchor text, or are you a ‘click here’ (insert hyperlink) type of person? Because I’ve got news for you, while it might make sense to tell your readers to ‘click here to keep reading’, it’s not much use to search engines. Call them fussy, but they need a description on what you’re linking to.

For example, if you’re linking to another article you wrote on your ultimate Christmas playlist, then make sure you include that in your anchor text. ‘Click here to listen to my 2016 Christmas playlist’ is helpful. ‘Click here,’ is not.

And that’s a wrap! Our top three tips for better SEO rankings in 2017… Now, go and pour yourself some eggnog and start on those Christmas rum-balls a little bit early. You deserve it!