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Your Christmas Shopify SEO Checklist

Jingle bells, Shopify sells, it’s time to learn how to optimise your Shopify SEO! At SponsoredLinX, we are the experts (second to the jolly fella’) in making a list and checking it twice, especially if it’s a Shopify SEO checklist. We offer businesses our expertise in search engine optimisation services. Here you will find your Christmas Shopify SEO Checklist. 

Before beginning to optimise your Shopify store, ensure you have the following set up:

  • Google analytics 

Setting up Google Analytics on your Shopify store is a crucial step that will provide you with a ton of insight into how your site is performing and where improvements can be made. 

  • Google Search Console

This tool can be turned on within Google Analytics to check your indexing status and optimise your store’s visibility. It’s important that you verify your site with Google; otherwise, Search Console won’t gather any data for you. 

  • Keyword research tool 

Using a type of keyword research tool will enable you to figure out which search terms have the highest potential volume (and therefore value) for your store and products. There are many options available for this. 

Now that the foundation is taken care of, we can begin to look further in Shopify SEO tips. 

How To Improve Shopify SEO: 

  • Submit a sitemap to Google Search Console 

A sitemap is a list of your website’s individual pages in a format that search engines can easily read. Shopify automatically generates a sitemap for you. 

Google will use your sitemap to index your Shopify store and its pages. This can take quite some time, so ensure to check back later on or the following day to see ‘success’ under the status column for your sitemap. 

  • Keyword research 

Keyword research is the foundation of your Shopify SEO, and some may argue the most crucial element of SEO. You need to have a strong keyword strategy before you begin optimising your Shopify site.

 When it comes to e-commerce, you can use this information to learn which new products to launch. 

Narrow down your list of targeted keywords by picking keywords with high potential search volume and a low to medium difficulty to rank.

  • Optimise the pages of your Shopify store 

We would recommend beginning with 5 to 10 keywords. Once the keywords are ready to go, you will want to optimise specific product pages for those keywords to improve your ranking. 

Don’t forget to optimise your titles and meta descriptions. Title tags are still one of the most powerful elements of on-page SEO. The title tag is what people will see on Google’s search results page. 

The meta description, the snippet of text in search results below the page title, can indirectly help you get higher rankings by increasing your CTR. 

A thought-out URL gives both people and search engines an easy-to-understand indication of what the destination page will be about. Shopify automatically generates a URL for your product pages based on your page title; however, you can edit this. 

Optimising your images is also another key factor in optimising your pages. This is because search engines ‘see’ images by reading the ALT tag and looking at file names, among other factors. 

  • Add backlinks 

A backlink is another term for external links to your website and is an essential part of Shopify SEO success. When other people link to your site, Google notices and considers your page more relevant than other similar pages with no backlinks. 

  • Fix technical SEO for Shopify

Technical issues can prevent your site from ranking and getting organic traffic. This includes

  • Fixing crawl errors, as they prevent Google from viewing your content correctly;
  • Using a responsive theme to increase traffic on mobile devices;
  • Fixing broken links, as a site with many are unlikely to provide valuable answers to searchers; 
  • Speeding up your Shopify site, as it promotes a good user experience. 

Many other factors can be considered when optimising your Shopify SEO; however, you will be laughing your way through Christmas with this solid basis! 


Optimise Your Shopify SEO With The Experts At SponsoredLinx 

At any time of the year, SponsoredLinx will bring cheer, even when it’s not the holiday season. The digital marketing experts at SponsoredLinx are passionate about optimising your Shopify SEO and have the man and woman power to do just that. We know the challenges that can come with business over the holiday season, and we are here to help see your company succeed through only the best in SEO strategies. So contact the team at SponsoredLinx today!