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How To Build The Perfect Google Remarketing Campaign For The Holidays

While ads are typically more expensive over the holiday season, businesses can use their budget strategically with Google remarketing. Capitalising on a Google remarketing campaign involves remarketing audiences that are already engaged with your products or services. Our team at SponsoredLinx are the experts in Google ads management and can help boost your business through Google remarketing. 

Advantages Of Remarketing Through Google 

Remarketing through Google is quite similar to remarketing through Facebook. However, with Google, you will reach a broader audience. All users, even those without a social media account, will be reached via your remarketing. There are many benefits to remarketing with Google, and the experts at SponsoredLinx are the experts that can help make that happen. 

The Google Display Network includes more than 2 million websites worldwide and reaches 90% of internet users. 

Additionally, you can track ad performance and refine customisation with Google Analytics. This means you can track how everything is performing and how the remarketing is going. 

You will start to see better conversion rates when you start to combine remarketing campaigns with additional target methods, such as targeting demographics and targeting individuals with products they viewed on your site; this is a great technique to use during Christmas as customers are looking to buy gifts. 

Tips To Building The Perfect Google Remarketing Campaign 

 The team of marketing specialists at SponsoredLinx can ensure you build the perfect Google remarketing campaign this holiday season. 

What are your remarketing goals? 

Ensuring that you fully understand your goals before beginning your Google remarketing campaign is essential. Generally, there are three kinds of remarketing campaigns that businesses may want to run: 

  1. Campaigns aimed at people who did not take a specific action on a page, e.g. generating leads from those who did not opt-in on your landing pages. 
  2. Campaigns aimed at those who reached a certain page within your checkout process but did not complete their purchase, e.g., abandoned shopping carts. 
  3. Campaigns for people who have not seen a page you’d like them to see, e.g., promoting content or other pages on your site. 

When it comes to remarketing google ads, it’s important to figure out which one of these you are aiming for; this will help you determine the success of your campaigns. 

Christmas test your copy skills 

Bidding costs will gradually rise, so you should use all options available from Google to push the ad to a higher position without incurring additional costs. Try to type the ads to include the keyword in the first headline and the description. 

You want to make sure these headlines and descriptions fit the festive theme to attract new customers and update your content to remain relevant. 

Ensure you’re in the best position 

Being at the forefront of searchers is crucial to creating a strong remarketing campaign. Remarketing list search ads (RLSA) is an important step of google remarketing. It will give you an interesting snapshot that will allow your ads to appear on the Google search network higher than competitors’ ads during the Christmas season. Simply select the right target audience with the appropriate bid adjustment, and you are ready to be in a better position than your competitors. 

Address customers that haven’t yet considered your product 

Have you considered a content network acquisition strategy? It’s a great idea to think about who your secondary target group for Christmas is. You can check out Google Analytics and pull out last year’s buyer stats and reach out to a similar audience this year in advance. 

For those who do not use Google Analytics, you will have to do your own personal research to determine which target audiences are most suitable for your campaign. 

Are you going to turn off campaigns after Christmas? 

Let’s put it simply here… don’t do it. It’s good to remember that people in today’s age receive gifts as well as money and often spend it almost immediately. But, let’s face it, how often do you leave a gift card sitting there collecting dust? We’re sure it’s not often, so let the Christmas campaigns do what they do best. 

For more tips on rebuilding a perfect remarketing Google campaign, have a chat with the team at SponsoredLinX. 


Build The Perfect Google Remarketing Campaign For The Holidays With Specialists You Can Trust, Contact SponsoredLinx Today                                                                                                            The holiday season is the perfect time to ramp up your SEO campaigns to make sure your sales snowball. At SponsoredLinX, our team of marketing specialists really know how to make your Christmas content strategy sleigh. Our team consists of highly professional SEO copywriters, who seamlessly work keywords into content to maximise our clients’ content strategies. We are passionate about seeing our clients’ succeed through digital marketing. So contact the team at SponsoredLinx today to get started.