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The Newest Campaign Type You Need To Know About: Google Discovery Ads

When the people ask, Google listens, which is why the world of Google Discovery launched. Google discovery ads are mobile-optimised, highly visual ads built for advertisers’ use across Google properties. The specialists at SponsoredLinx are highly knowledgeable and skilled in using Google ads management tools, including Google discovery. So come along with us and discover everything you need to know about the newest campaign type, Google discovery ads. 

Discover Success With Google Discovery 

Discovery campaigns allow advertisers to share their brand’s story with people across Google’s feed when they’re open to discovering new products and services. It’s in line with Google’s latest advertising vision, connecting consumers with brands stronger than before. 

Benefits of using Google Discovery includes:

  • Expansive reach. Using a single campaign, advertisers can reach up to 3 billion customers across the YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, Discover and the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs. 
  • Rich & relevant content. Brands can inspire consumers by showcasing the brand or products in visually engaging images, rendered natively across Google properties. 
  • Promote action with the right audience. With a combination of incredible reach and powerful creative canvas, alongside Google’s understanding of intent to anticipate what your customers want and drive results.

If you’re still not 100% sure what Google Discovery campaigns are and how they can benefit your brand enormously, we can’t blame you, as there are so many great factors to consider from this new campaign. 

Some of the most important things to know about Google Discovery ads are: 

  • It is a unique campaign style

In regards to setting up the campaign, Google does most of the heavy lifting for you. On your end, it involves just adding in imagery, copy, a daily budget, and after that, Google will handle bids and placements for you. 

  • Capturing consumer intent early

Google has released a revamped search strategy. It’s a shift from queried searches and answers to customer journeys, meaning that the Discovery audience will exhibit different buyer intent than audience members searching a particular product or service on the Google search page. 

The new ad type is for businesses wanting to engage their audience’s attention during early moments in their buyer journey. 

  • Promoted beyond the Discover Feed

In addition to the Discover Feed, Google Discovery ads can be run on the YouTube homepage, Gmail promotion and social tabs, and the web-based Google home page. 

They appear differently depending on where exactly they are featured. 

  • Two Discovery ad types exist

Discovery campaigns are single-image and multi-image carousel ads, opening up an expansive range of ways advertisers can encourage users to engage. 

  • Creative asset guidelines have to be followed

Google users want to discover relevant and aesthetically pleasing content – and Google has laid down the law on how advertisers will deliver. 

Additionally, users have to follow the Google Ads Policy guidelines and Personalised advertising guidelines

  • Controls are different to other Google Ads campaigns

Google automates several controls, including bidding to save time and self-optimising performance based on your selected marketing objective, bid and budget. So if you love a manual bid, unfortunately, it’s not included with Discovery ad campaigns. 

  • Two automated bidding strategy options 

At this point, Discovery campaigns have two bidding options – maximise conversions and target CPA. 

  • Machine learning plays a role 

A new Topic Layer has been added to the Knowledge Graph. 

This new layer is the component that helps Google understand the nuances of a topic. Essentially the topic layer allows Google to deliver on its promise to place the best, most relevant ad to users most excited and ready to learn about your product or service. 

  • Same targeting options 

Users can rest easy as some of the audience targeting settings remain the same. The following is available, custom intent audiences, remarketing and in-market. 

  • Discovery ads are mobile-only

Has mobile killed the computer star? Unlikely, however, currently, you can only run Google Discovery ads in mobile campaigns on iOS and Android. 

Examples of Good Google Discovery Ads

What makes for a good Google Discovery Ad, you may ask? Here at SponsoredLinx, we know how to make a discovery ad captivate consumers. 

Good google discovery ad examples will have the following: 

  • High-impact images to stop the consumers from continuing to scroll. 
  • Be focused on audiences most likely to convert based on the performance you’ve seen in your other campaigns. 
  • Site-wide tagging enabled. 
  • Use all the available Discovery ad layouts with various image aspect ratios to maximise the ad’s reach and impact. 
  • Have audience expansion enabled to expand the campaign’s reach, plus more!

To learn more about how to optimise your google discovery ads, sign up with the experts at SponsoredLinx. 


Optimise Your Google Discovery Ads With The Experts At SponsoredLinx

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