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How To SEO Optimise Your Christmas Content Strategy

It’s that time of the year again; it’s time to capitalise on the Christmas season and to do so using SEO copywriting. We all know that sales go through the roof during the Christmas season, so it makes holiday marketing essential. At SponsoredLinX, we can help you maximise your holiday marketing, and we just so happen to be the experts in SEO copywriting and provide professional website content writing services. So continue reading the below to learn how to maximise your search engine optimisation content strategy

Why Should You Look At Optimising Your Christmas Content Strategy With SEO? 

Personalising sales is a way to stand out from the crowd and get into the shopping baskets of Christmas shoppers. However, with a wide range of marketing tools available to use, it can become a little daunting to figure out simple strategies that will benefit you and your business. Holiday marketing is the process of attracting customers’ attention through various marketing channels to provide them with additional offers in the lead up to the holidays so that companies can increase revenue and loyalty. 

Sustain Your Seasonal Strategy With These Top Tips 

There is a range of things you can do as a business to ensure you get the most out of your Christmas content strategy. Here at SponsoredLinX, we are well versed in the different strategies that can take a business to the next level during the holiday season and have the team implement such changes. So let’s take a look at how you can get business booming with a foolproof Christmas SEO strategy plan. 

Analyse your current SEO strategy 

A great first step is to analyse the current state of your website SEO. Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. Is your SEO content writing engaging and enriched with effective keywords? Are the keywords working, and do they need to be changed? SEO performance is generally evaluated on several points, positions in search queries, the overall visibility of your sites on search enquiries and traffic. Monitoring these critical attributes will provide you with an indicator of how well your SEO is performing. 

Update product names and descriptions 

While imagery is a huge part of selling a product, it’s simply not enough. Take advantage of the silly season and adapt your product title and description to people who buy gifts rather than a typical target audience. This is the time for your SEO copywriting to get creative and target customers specifically looking for Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Re-working product names and descriptions will increase the chances of customers pressing the ‘buy’ button on your website. 

Check your website is running efficiently 

The loading time of your website is so crucial. A fast-running website can be the difference between customers choosing your website over another. A smooth sailing site is essential for SEO to work its magic and for Google to bump your website to the top spot of the search enquiries. If customers are having trouble navigating the pages, Google will pick up on that and kick it further down the queue. During the holiday season, more and more people are purchasing products online, and if a website can’t handle a large amount of traffic, it may just cave in, so make sure your site can handle the Christmas chaos. 

Take note of mobile phone users

The holiday season is not the time to forget about our mobile users. More and more people are using their phones to make purchases online, so it’s important to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and easy to use. Your potential customers will browse your website on a mobile device to make a purchase, so make sure you’re ready. 

Take notes for the next holiday season 

While optimising your SEO content strategy through the Christmas season, take notes of what’s working well and what’s not. It may be that next holiday season you look into SEO copywriting services. Here at SponsoredLinX, our expert team of copywriters know just how to create engaging and effective SEO content so that businesses get the most out of their campaigns. With the holiday season being a crazy time for companies, delegating copywriters to create and optimise your SEO content can give you enough time to focus on other aspects of your business. Perhaps if you write it on your list, Santa will grant you your wish! 


To SEO Optimise Your Christmas Content Strategy, Contact The Experts SponsoredLinx    The holiday season is the perfect time to ramp up your SEO campaigns to make sure your sales snowball. At SponsoredLinx, our team of marketing specialists really know how to make your Christmas content strategy sleigh. Our team consists of highly professional SEO copywriters, who seamlessly work keywords into content to maximise our clients’ content strategies. We are passionate about seeing our clients’ succeed through digital marketing. So contact the team at SponsoredLinx today to get started