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What Is A Result In SEO Terms? Part 5 – Maintenance

An unfortunately common misconception amongst those who engage in SEO is that it is not an ongoing concern. Too many people think that once you rank, you rank. This is simply not the case.

Although it is entirely possible to get to a point where you could perhaps scale back your efforts to some extent, stopping SEO is the worst thing you could do, particularly if you’re in a highly “SEO’d” industry.

I’m not sure where this way of thinking came from given that no other form of marketing is thought of the same way. You wouldn’t do a run of flyers, attend a slew of events or run a slate of television ads and then choose to stop marketing because you had achieved your immediate goal would you?

The second you stop performing SEO, your competition starts catching up. Not only this, but spending the time and effort it takes to get to the front page only to then let your competition push you back off makes it harder to get back to where you were.

SEO is an ongoing process, but if you do it right you will be in a position where you’ll be bringing in more money than you’re spending. At this point stopping would be insane. You’d fall behind and be losing yourself this new flow of business altogether!

Sure, you could scale down costs by implementing smaller link building campaigns, less content and various other methods, but if you’ve got a winning formula and you’re already making more than you’re spending, why would you choose to tread water rather than shoot out ahead and cement yourself there?

SEO is an essential investment to any business in the online age and it’s important to view it as exactly that: an investment. An ongoing investment. One which can pay off massively if done right.
So to sum up this blog series on SEO results, let’s recap the 5 points.

1. Keywords – The right keywords, not the obvious ones. High chance of conversion is more important than high levels of traffic. Do your research, implement carefully or else everything you do after this step could be a waste of time.

2. Conversions – Do not turn the time and effort you have put into your SEO into a waste of time and effort by making it difficult for the traffic it generates to navigate and/or contact you.

3. Leads – Do not turn the time and effort you have put into your conversion optimisation into a waste of time and effort by not enacting a few simple things such as having someone read to answer the phone at all times, having your best salesperson on the job and having an auto-response set up to all enquiries to let potential customers know that you have received their enquiry and will be back to them asap.

4. Rankings – Do not assume that rankings alone will bring you business without the above three points having been actioned. Pay attention to your analytics data and take action.

5. Maintenance – Never assume that you’re done with SEO. If you have a working formula, keep using it. What’s the worst that could happen besides more business?

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