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Why Google Wants What It Wants In 2014: Part 4 – Website Navigation

So far in this SEO blog series you will have noticed a common theme: user experience. When writing content, encouraging links to grow your link profile or entering the world of Google+, if you keep that in mind and apply it to everything you do it will be hard to steer yourself wrong. But despite
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Why Google Wants What It Wants In 2014: Part 3 – Link Profile

If you’ve been keeping up on this 5 part blog series (and I’d strongly recommend you read parts 1 & 2 for context if you haven’t) then you’ll be aware that we’ve been talking a lot about what is now meant by “content” and why it has been given such value as part of the
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Why Google Wants What It Wants In 2014: Part 1 – Content

As a business in the online age, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed when trying to keep up with all of the changes and requirements Google rolls out. The most common grievances I hear from clients have to do with the ever-changing nature of Google and that they sometimes seem to be making
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2013 – The Year That Was In Online Marketing

As 2013 draws to an end we’re left to reflect on what has been a year of unprecedented change for on-line marketing.

What is Google+?

Social networks can cop their fair share of criticism. Some call them time wasters, others complain about design or functionality. Often they are just seen as another form of amusement in our busy lives. But social networks can be a very lucrative commodity for business owners since they can connect real customers with brands and
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